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We have put together some background information on various aspects of left-handedness to give you a quick introduction – you can just click the red button at the bottom of each page to move on to the next item in the tour or select what you want from the index below.


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7 comments on “Facts
  1. Smedley Timothy w. says:

    I’m the most left handed male!

  2. Anthony Stuart Morgan says:

    I was forced to be right handed by Squirrels Heath school in Essex. I have always thought my psychological problems were of my own making. And, to coin a phrase, I was making a mountain out of a mole hill. I am reassured that, now I was compromised at a very early age.

  3. Lou Dobbs says:

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  4. chiro Edwin says:

    I am one of the letfhanded family

  5. Benny23 says:

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    • Paulette says:

      I’m 57 years old, grew up out East in a Catholic family. I was left handed and my Nany changed me to right. I’m very strong in English skills, but perform poorly with math. I can’t play any music and have not been able to learn chess. I sometimes wonder how many of my mental health issues are because my brain is confused. I brought this up with my psychologist today and he was interested in this theory. He had never heard of it before.

      • Alberto Fiol says:

        Es cierto cuanto ud comenta yo tengo 59 años y en mi juventud e tenido que lidiar con esto ya que en mi país estaba mal visto ser zurdo ,se aplicaban castigos y obligaban a escribir con la mano derecha . Cosas de la dictadura Franquista y de la iglesia católica de aquella época. Un saludo cordial desde España

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