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11 comments on “Contact
  1. Sandra Hand says:

    Looking for peel a day 365 calendar. Did y’all get some in?

    • LHD-Adm14Lh says:

      Unfortunately the manufacturer we used to use ceased trading & we dont have a replacement at this time – sorry
      We do have our diaries in stock though 🙂

  2. david baba ogazuma says:

    Willing to be a sincere international business partner and also NGO for the less privilege once,in Africa in field of education and skill development

  3. Sandra Hand says:

    Please do not delete my account with y’all. I have been a member for years.
    Is Anything Left Handed the same as LHI. If not then I’ll unscribe from Keith but not y’all. Please let me know.

  4. Patricia Ruth says:

    How or better what can I do to have less pain because I have alredy done a lot of things and sometime i have/ feel a lot of Pain everywhere but not as i was as I was at school and since 2017 it got a lot better because of my Lefthanded Sensei i know since i started with Karate and now I have the 1 Brown belt ready for the 2. Brown Belt and I do I like I can do it now and I only write with my left hand now i learned to write with my Right hand to but by my self

  5. Lana Abraham says:


    We realized 37% of our employees (55 total employees) at our company that are left handed. Can our company get involved with the Left Handers Club in some way? Also, can you please share some national company statistics when it comes to left handed employees && what is the national average of left handed employees at a US company? We’re looking for ways to promote our business in personal light hearted ways so, we would appreciate your feedback!

    Thank you!

  6. Laura says:

    I am a lefty & want to know when is Left Handers Day 2018?

  7. Clarence Coleman 3 says:

    Being a lefty is the story of my life

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