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We have been running a major survey over the past year finding out about young left-handers’ experiences at school and whether they are getting the help and advice they need or just being left to cope with right-handed tools and equipment as best they can.

The results are fascinating and show there is still a very long way to go to get equal teaching in the basics for a lot of left-handed children and that many teachers are nowhere near as well informed as we had hoped about the small things they can do to help their left-handed students.

There is a full analysis of the results on the special site we created for issued related to left-handed children.

Click here to see the survey results on

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One comment on “School experiences survey
  1. J D says:

    I was forced to STOP using my left hand by the second grade teacher in a farming community. She was the wife of the principal. I started writing with my left hand. I never learned baseball so those questions should be rephrased. I would catch balls (and other objects) with either hand! My survey score was 39% today. I was also in a MVA where I lost ROM in my left elbow AND wrist.

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