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We are undertaking the biggest ever survey of left-handedness in various Groups of people to find out what advantages and disadvantages left-handers have and how it affects their choices and success of career, sports, social activities and other lifestyle choices.

We want as many individuals and group organisers as possible to complete the survey so we have a large sample to analyse and give reliable results. Please complete the survey yourself and ask other people you know if they would be willing to do it as well.

If you are active in more than one “group” please complete a separate survey for each group, e.g. if you are an Architect who runs a football team and a car club, please fill out the survey once for each group

All information provided for this survey will be kept strictly confidential.

Find out more about the background to this survey

See the preliminary analysis of early survey results

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6 comments on “Life choices survey form
  1. Barbara Byington Rosner says:

    Good test. Thank you. I am retired now and elderly. do you want my info?

  2. GMiranda says:

    When my children were babies passing them to a right handed person was easy and straight forward by handing them directly to the person right in front of me, no need to twist or pass from the side. Later teaching my children to tie their shoes or copy me was also easy, just by sitting directly in front of them as a mirror image!

    Now as technology moves forward some disadvantages are going away such as computer mice which are wireless and can easily be moved to the left side and laptops with a touch pad no mouse needed. My cell phone also has the ability to customize where the picture button can be placed on its camera, so I can move it to the left where I can reach it with my left hand.

    I still don’t hug well, leaning awkwardly between both sides and I can’t use left handed scissors and I always sit on the left when dining out to avoid elbowing anyone. But…I love being left handed and usually always notice my brethren!

    • Bob says:

      A typical keyboard (QWERTY) is designed to slow down right-handers. 65% of all English words are typed with all letters using the left-hand. I am a lefty but use the ergonomically designed Dvorak keyboard. It is designed to reduce the total movement needed to type English by about 60%. It reduces the wrists and finger strain, almost eliminating repetitive motion problems like carpal-tunnel syndrome. It took me about three months of practice to double my QWERTY keyboard speed.

  3. Laura Eggleston says:

    I set my desk up for myself since I am left handed, but I can you the mouse on the right side of the desk as well, I just feel more comfortable using it on the left side of my desk. I do forewarn IT and other co-workers who use my computer that it is setup for a left-handed person… it is funny to watch them try to figure it out…

  4. Bryan Gunners says:

    This is awesome!

  5. judy haines says:

    I use my mouse with my right naturally, I helps the person setting up my desk, but I have observed other left handed co-workers in the past experiencing difficulty with the tech people when it came to moving the computer and mouse on the left side of the desk. They are usually irritated with the extra work.

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