Super Lefties

Left-Handers’ Day on 13th August each year is the chance for left-handers everywhere to celebrate their successes – and they have plenty to celebrate!

Left-handers might be in the minority, but what they lack in numbers they make up for in talents. Being left-handed has a major influence on your mental and physical development – the hand you write with is only a clue to the different connections going on inside the brain.

Some of the most talented and influential people through history share this one super-trait that has given them incredible abilities in other ways. Here, the Left-Handers Club share some of the amazing high achieving lefties that have used their left-handed superpowers to achieve great things.


Left-Handed Leaders

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4 comments on “Super Lefties
  1. Romina Andreatta says:

    Hola tengo una duda y quisiera saber si pueden ayudarme ¿ podrian brindar informacion acarca del trastorno de lateralidad? Muchas gracias.

  2. Jerald Windsor says:

    Can Left-Handers be declaRED A RECOGNIZED MINORITY?

  3. John says:

    I grew up left-handed. I think I had maybe two teachers who acknowledged that I was left-handed in 12 years of school. My mother told me I was ambidextrous. Technically, I am not. I even tried to mimic right-handed classmates, but my second-grade teacher grabbed the chalk from my hand and told me I had to use the other hand. I tried to play sports, but coaches told me I had to use my right hand. I can shoot a basketball and throw a baseball with my right arm, though left feels more natural. I cannot draw a straight line or eat or pour a drink or dial a telephone with my right hand. I played drums left-handed. I try to play guitar, but can only strum with my left fingers. I actually feel pretty clumsy and mixed up, and have all my life.

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