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Left-Handers’ Day on 13th August each year is the chance for left-handers everywhere to celebrate their successes – and they have plenty to celebrate!

Left-handers might be in the minority, but what they lack in numbers they make up for in talents. Being left-handed has a major influence on your mental and physical development – the hand you write with is only a clue to the different connections going on inside the brain.

Some of the most talented and influential people through history share this one super-trait that has given them incredible abilities in other ways. Here, the Left-Handers Club share some of the amazing high achieving lefties that have used their left-handed superpowers to achieve great things.


Left-Handed Leaders

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2 comments on “Super Lefties
  1. John says:

    I grew up left-handed. I think I had maybe two teachers who acknowledged that I was left-handed in 12 years of school. My mother told me I was ambidextrous. Technically, I am not. I even tried to mimic right-handed classmates, but my second-grade teacher grabbed the chalk from my hand and told me I had to use the other hand. I tried to play sports, but coaches told me I had to use my right hand. I can shoot a basketball and throw a baseball with my right arm, though left feels more natural. I cannot draw a straight line or eat or pour a drink or dial a telephone with my right hand. I played drums left-handed. I try to play guitar, but can only strum with my left fingers. I actually feel pretty clumsy and mixed up, and have all my life.

    • Pete Harrison says:

      Dear John–

      I don’t know how old you are, but hang in there—you’ll hit stride sooner or later. To be perfectly honest, there are some things about being left-handed that are downright awkward. BUT, that being said, there are a lot of advantages too. We lefties really do adapt better, on average, to new situations. And this include both the physical (using right-handed equipment) and mental (thinking outside the box). It’s always been hilarious for me to watch a righty trying to use their left hand for something that they normally do right-handed. I always smile and say, “welcome to my world.” Keep doing things left-handed as much as you can. But don’t wory about having to use some equipment in a right-handed manner. The world is just built backwards for you and I, and getting used to it is part of the price. After a while, you’ll be surprised at how many things you can do with either your right or both hands. And yes, being able to do things ambidextrously is a real advantage. I was switched to writing right-handed as a kid and usually use that as my main approach, even though I re-taught myself to use my left as a teenager. It’s ok. Just make sure that if you’re doing something potentially dangerous, like using power tools, that you’ve really got your skill together. Otherwise, the world is your oyster, especially if you are a really creative thinker. Lots of careers need that type of approach, so find something to do that really excites you and be as creative with it as you can. You’ll find that that confusion starts to go away over time. Sincerely, PMH, an old lefty.

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