Top 10 Left Handed Products

These are the top 10 left handed products based on orders on the Anything Left-Handed website over the past year.

General purpose left-handed scissorsGeneral purpose scissors 216mm / 8.5 in. (code 259)
Fully left-handed scissors with moulded black plastic grip and reversed blades. They are 8.5 inch (215mm) overall length with sharp stainless steel blades.

Image description Stabilo ‘s Move Easy rollerball pen, left-handed (code 531) The funky pen that looks the part, writes like a dream and is great fun to use. Unusually, the pen has been made with a special left handed version with the grip moulded for a comfortable fit in the left hand. Top marks to Stabilo for looking after the left-handers for a change! With its exchangeable rollerball tip cartridges, the Stabilo ‘S Move Easy glides perfectly over the paper and it can be erased with a fountain pen eraser just like normal fountain pen ink. The cap twists on and off to lock securely and can be snapped on to the end of the pen when you are writing so it will not get lost. Supplied with 3 blue ink cartridges.

Image description Left-Hander’s notepad (code 257) Our exclusive notepad has a left hand watermark on every page and is glued down the right-hand side for easy removal of sheets while writing with the left hand. 50 sheets/pad x 150mm (4 in x 6 in)

Image description First scissor 125mm / 5 in., age 4 – 7 (code 134) These sturdy, lightweight scissors with brightly coloured plastic moulded grips and stainless steel blades are an ideal junior scissor. These safety scissors have rounded ends, but proper sharpened blades for cutting paper and thin material, so adult supervision is needed.

Image description Maped Visio left handed ball pen (code 730) This pen features a hooked neck and off-centre tip which allows left handers to see what they are writing clearly and as the fingers are further away from the tip there is less chance of smudging. The pen has a soft-touch triangular grip area with the finger and thumb indentations positioned to encourage a correct left handed writing grip.

Image description Ruler 30cm, clear perspex (code 702) Soft plastic flexible ruler scaled in Centimetres / Millimetres only. 30cm length. All our left-handed rulers are scaled from right to left making it easy to draw lines of the correct length with the left hand, without obscuring the scale while you do it.

Image description HandiWriter writing aid (code 604) This simple device is made up of a large loop made of soft elastic (like a hair scrunchy) that goes over the wrist, a small loop that goes around the pencil or pen and a cord with a charm on the end that is held in the palm of the hand. These work together to encourage a perfect grip and writing style without even trying!

Image description Sattler moulded pencil grip, pack of 3 (code 227F) The Sattler Grip is an innovative design which gently guides the fingers into the ergonomically correct writing position. Fits on Pencils, Markers, Pens, Crafting Knives, Brushes etc. Can be used left or right handed and is marked with the correct positions for each hand.

Image description Tin opener with geared rotary action (code 94) A good quality left-handed tin opener with roller cutter and geared action for easy opening. Positioned on the left side of the tin and turned with the left-hand in a natural motion for left-handers.

Image description Your Left-Handed Child Download Ebook – Essential reading for any parent or teacher of a left-handed child, this book is a practical and comprehensive guide to the challenges your left-handed child may encounter from their first years right through school life and beyond. From basic skills like dressing and handwriting, to learning new sports and musical instruments, this beautifully illustrated book explains common problems caused by right handed bias in equipment and layout and offers ways to help your child harness their natural creativity and problem-solving skills to become adaptable and confident in a right-handed world.

Special Offers for Left Handers Day:

Left-Handers Discovery Set

Left Hander’s Discovery Set


Normally £32.65, save more than 20% with this special Left Handers Day offer

The “essential” equipment for a safe and easy left-handed life and to show your friends and family what is different about left-handed products. Fully left-handed versions of our most popular products.

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Set includes:

  • Westcott EasyGrip Lefty Soft Grip Scissors 20cm/8″
    Blades reversed with the left blade on top so you can see your cutting line and get a clean, straight cut
  • Lefthanded pocket Waiter’s Corkscrew
    Manufactured with an anti-clockwise screw. Hold in the left hand and turn anti-clockwise in a natural motion for left-handers – no need to turn the bottle ….. and great fun to leave out for right- handers to be confused by!
  • Lefthanded tin Opener With Rotary Geared Action & integrated bottle opener
    Grip the 2 long handles in your right hand and turn the short handle with your left.
  • Lefthanded swivel Blade Peeler
    This peeler has a sharp swivel blade that effortlessly strips the peel from fruit & veg – simply peel towards you using your left hand. It also has a small side blade for removing blemishes
  • Stabilo EasyGraph Pencils (pack of 2))
    Ergonomically designed triangular graphite pencil, with unique in- built lefthanded non-slip grip mouldss.
  • Westcott lefthanded clear Plastic Ruler 15cm/6″
    Scaled from right to left for easy measuring…and less smudging!
  • Lefthander’s A6 Notepad
    Pages glued on the right hand edge – easy to tear off when wrtiting Left-handed. 75 pages A6 size (10 x 15cm / 4 x 6″).
  • Lefthanded 2 hole Sharpener
    When sharpening, hold the sharpener in your right hand and turn the pencil in a natural direction with your left.

The products are packed in a good quality zip seal clear bag with an insert giving full product details and makes an ideal present.

Find out how these products are left-handed in our video:

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5 comments on “Top 10 Left Handed Products
  1. Jim Attrill says:

    You may have noticed that typewriters and computer keyboards are easier to use with the left hand than the right. Many English words can be typed with the left hand only and very few with the right only. It could be that this comes from an early attempt to slow down typing on early manual typewriters. The qwerty keyboard is an example. As a lefty I tend to select passwords that can be typed with the left hand only so that I can type the password and then enter with the right. By the way, I am a touch typist which uses the fingers of both hands. My mother was ambidextrous and used to write with either hand. I have found I get more right-handed with age – examples are darts where I was good with the left up until the age of about 20. Now I can’t hit the board with the left. Also I had to restring my guitar from left to right at about the same age. I still shoot a rifle left-handed but keep both eyes open. With sports like table tennis I can use either hand.

  2. George Forest says:

    I wish these products when I was a kid. I’m 63 years old and not once was I offered any help from anyone to deal with left handed problems. Bless this company!

  3. Dennis Finuf says:

    Although left-handed there have been many write-handed ways I have adapted. I have always written with my hand below where I am writing, ergo, no sniffing. Also, using a mouse right-handed just feels right. Unintended pun. However, I would never say that I am ambidextrous. Note, that dexter, or dexterous, is Latin for right.

  4. Ann W. says:

    P.S. Regarding the test. Several of the things done with tools I do right-handed, the test does not reflect that many of us may have adapted for this reason to using our right; we may be more of a “leftie” than the test shows. (E.g. scissors, can-opener, garden shears, bread knife, etc.)(This would explain my baseball glove issue as I used my older brothers’ glove to catch!)

  5. Joe says:

    Camping gear “SPORK” (made by Light My Fire, Sweden) is now available in a left-handed version !!! !!! !!!

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