Left Handed Knives

Our range of serrated kitchen knives has been specially manufactured with the serrations / scalloping on the right side of the blade so you get a straight cut using them with your left hand. The top quality range of knives from out Italian manufacturer have non-slip blue handles to mark them out as different.

Our bevelled or “plain” knives have been specially sharpened on the right side of the blade so you can get a clean, straight cut using them in your left hand. Also made in Italy using high grade stainless steel with non-slip plastic handles. These knives feel fantastic in your hand and are a joy to use.

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5 comments on “Left Handed Knives
  1. Carrie says:

    Hello I am in need of a chef knives set for my daughter left handed as she struggled with the right handed blade any advice would be grateful of a site where I can get this would be very helpful thank you

  2. Jude says:

    Well done for being a militant lefty. I’m left-handed, my son is left-handed and so is my cat. I am gradually replacing my right-handed scissors and knives with left-handed ones. Perhaps we should start referring to “north paws”.

  3. Christa says:

    I must be odd then – I checked our knives, and they match the description of the right-handed ones (serrations on the left). But I never have any trouble using them in my left hand; in fact, once I was cutting a loaf of bread, making beautiful straight slices, when my right-handed mom came along and wanted a slice. But, being evidently rather impatient (and I’m not excessively slow!), she took the bread and the knife, turned the loaf around, and hacked off a very crooked slice, spoiling my nice straight end, and I had to cut the next few slices a little crooked to compensate until I got it straight again.

  4. John Mahan says:

    The example about the serrations of the knives is a bit far fetched…both left and right handed people need to keep the knife cutting vertically with intent..it has nothing to do with the serrations of the knifes…however scissors are another issue..I have a pair of left handed ones that make it much easier to use…there is often too much emphasis placed on handedness ..I am also a sailor and have needed to teach my grandchildren to tie knots…not so easy for right handed children but easy for othe one child that is left handed…however I have learned to tie baic knots both in a righthanded and lefthanded way..something that righthanders do not learn to do

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