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We have been providing specially designed left handed items to make life a bit easier for lefthanders since 1967. Us left handers are pretty adaptable and can find ways to make standard right handed tools work for us, but why should you have to do that and put up with the resulting discomfort and poor performance?

  • Why make things so left-handers can’t use them?
  • Why should children have to compromise and adapt?
  • Have you had enough of this?

Discover the real benefits of proper left-handed products – be a proud left-hander and show how you can perform!
Treat yourself to the properly designed left-handed versions of your everyday implements and feel the difference for yourself, or do a fellow left-hander a favour with a left handed gift they will appreciate.

Spot the difference - left-handed scissors Spot the difference - left-handed knives
Spot the difference - left-handed peelers Spot the difference - left-handed rulers


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5 comments on “Left Handed Products
  1. Gwyneth says:

    Im so confused. I do write with my left-hand BUT i do every single thing with my right hand. Such as peeling, moving the mouse, playing badminton and so on. I think its bcs i live with a right-handers surroundings and i feel like i just betraying the left-handed society. When i tried to peel with my left-hand, it was shaking and not strong enough than my right-hand. How to change my habit so i could be called as a fully left-handers?

    • Mark says:

      It’s not that your hand lacks strength, it lacks dexterity. I’m a lefty but while my left hand is for delicate tasks, my right hand is stronger but lacks the fine motor control that my left hand has from being used more often.

  2. Yvonne Reed says:

    I was disappointed to buy a Tangle Teezer hairbrush recently, only to discover that its design fits snugly into the right hand only…as a leftie, I struggle to hold it comfortably. Who on earth let this design pass at blueprint level?!

  3. Michael Smith says:

    When a righty sits down at the table they put a newspaper in front of them and coffe to the right. The news paper is turned from left to right. When we lefties do the same, newspaper in front, coffee left, open the paper, whers the coffee!

    • Lloyd says:

      I know huh. All 3 of my wives were righties. They all hung up my clothes facing the,wrong way .
      And at restaurants as the waiter leaves I have to move the glass, napkin and siverware to the left.

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