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The Left-Handers Club was formed in 1990 aiming to keep members in touch with developments, make their views known to manufacturers and others, provide a help & advice line, to promote research into left-handedness and development of new left-handed items.

Since its formation the Club has gone from strength to strength with members all over the world and is highly regarded as the foremost pressure group and advice centre on all aspects of left-handedness with over 140,000 members from all over the world.

The Club is completely free to join and members receive:

  • Our monthly newsletter with reports on the latest research, practical issues, products and successes by famous left-handers
  • Membership certificate
  • Backwards calendar
  • Early access to new left-handed products and regular member discounts

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149 comments on “Join The Club
  1. Phillip Counsell says:

    I am today years old when I found this club. I am 1 of 7 siblings and the only Lefty!! I am as far my family know to be the only lefty and my family tree has been researched back to the 1300’s

  2. Chris Taloff says:

    I didn’t know this club existed, but I’m glad to be here. In a family of 5 siblings, two of us are lefties. Neither of my parents were left handed, but my uncle was.

  3. Vicky says:

    The hairdressing scissors I received did not have the blue finger guard shown in the online photo shown on your website. Are the scissors that I received of the same value and if so, please will you forward a blue finger guard.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    • LHD-Adm14Lh says:

      If you have an issue with a product, please contact Anything Left-handed via their website (or reply to the email address with your order)
      We regret that we are unable to monitor this site for order related issues

  4. Leung Ka Hin says:

    Hello, I just join the club by my left hand~

  5. Edward Stotts says:

    Growing Up, I Had To Learn Not To Rest My Hand On Anything I Am Writing On So It Would Not Smear.

  6. Rawny says:

    I just joined!!!

  7. Samweli Mwashumbe says:

    Thanks for the registration.
    hope to benefit from this page.

    please, if possible we can arrange on how to organize this special day 13th August, 2024

  8. Jessica says:

    I’am left handed and have been for 77yrs

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