Left Handers Day video

We created a range of our own Left Handers Day graphics and posters that have been shares thousands of times all over the world. We also saw that a lot of other people created their own images and some businesses had fun with it by putting a left-handed angle onto their products. We have produced a video slideshow of our favourite images from the day and set it to the Lefty’s Lament song.

We hope you enjoy our video, please share it as widely as you can 🙂

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12 comments on “Left Handers Day video
  1. georgina tibu says:

    Great to be left-handed and i am proud to belong to the club. In celebrating this year’s lefthanders day, i suggest we let the whole world hear about us on social media. This can be a way of educating people on the Rights of left-handed people. In some parts of the world, some still lable the left hand as the evil hand and as a result, force everyone to use the right hand, paying no attention to the psychological effects on the victims.

  2. Leanore Reeve says:

    Learning to write (left) correctly at age 69! So many years of tears and smears! Thanks, lefthanded clubbers.

  3. Canon Alele Indago says:

    Being left handed makes us proud!, i guess the words famous likes of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and maybe Queen Elizabeth are proud of it too!, we are told of the Prince Charles is too!. wish all left handed society great luck!, lets embrace and be proud of this prestigious thing!! .”we are not just ordinary< we are unique!, we are Royal Left-handed community"

  4. Jayamathangi says:

    Wonderful video and song. Helps left handers prove who they really are, unique and blessed.

  5. Maureen says:

    Out of 15 people in family (9 brothers and sisters, parents and my own 3 kids) I’m the only left hander. I love it, but I do think that I view things differently then the rest. Has any one else experience that?

  6. Tim Hall says:

    Left Handers’ Day coincides with Fairport Convention’s Cropredy Folk Festival: Let’s make sure Ian Radburn’s ‘Left Hander’s Lament’
    gets a gig.

    • tina rickards says:

      Sorry you are wrong. Cropredy festival was earlier this year. It started on the 8th of August.

      • Tim Hall says:

        Apologies for being unclear: It is Cropredy 2015 that coincides with Left Hander’s day.
        It gives Ian a whole year to practise.

  7. Sheena Pennington says:

    Loved the video and song. Really made me smile.

  8. Sharon Gifford says:

    I love being left handed. My father was left and right handed, myself, my daughter and grandson. I think we are special. I see more left handed people now than ever before.

  9. Melanie says:

    great song! Awesome website! it’s nice to be acknowledged!!

    • Mike WHELAN says:

      Cant the get the song outta my head. Though im sorry 2 learn ,that only 11% of us inhabit planet earth. Why do i keep seeing more and more left handed around me these days ???

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