What Happened In Previous Years?

On August 13th Twitter was buzzing with one word:


Our special hashtag was trending at number 1 for much of the day, with people sharing fun left handed images, as well as the official Left Handers’ Day ones you can see here.

Did we miss any?  If you come across any Left Handers Day related images that we are not showing here, please add a comment at the bottom of this page with a link to the page url where you saw them.


struggle of lefties


Some companies even joined in on the fun, putting out special #lefthandersday promotions:
The British Museum in London even tweeted some images from manuscripts through history that deal with left-handedness:
british museum 2
british museum

Left Handers Day Video

We have produced a video slideshow of our favourite images from the day and set it to the Lefty’s Lament song.

We hope you enjoy our video, please share it as widely as you can 🙂

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8 comments on “What Happened In Previous Years?
  1. Gerry Frettoloso says:

    proud to be a southpaw.

  2. Sheryl says:

    I would love there to be at least one Oystercard barrier at each railway station where the card reader is on the left. When you’re struggling with bags, umbrellas etc., it’s even more awkward having to reach across yourself to scan the card on the right! And how about bank ATMs having another card slot on the left, making them ‘ambidextrous’? Again, holding bags, etc., and your purse/wallet, it’s another reach-across to the right to put the card in and take it out again while collecting the cash and receipt. I mentioned this, as well as a few other leftie issues, to a right-handed friend, and she admitted that it had never ocurred to her that so many things were rightie-dominant. Of course, the fact that so many lefties are born geniuses does make up for it!

  3. Brian Rice says:

    The picture of the lecture theater with all RH tablets made me laugh. As A lefty involved with equipping tutorial rooms at an Australian University I always insisted on a minimum of 10% of the chairs having a LH tablet.
    Sadly I never saw a left handed student seek out a LH Tablet; students just strolled in and selected the nearest chair or the chair nearest a mate…the only result was 10% of the right handers in the course discovered the inconvenience of being a lefty! At least for the duration of the tutorial. 🙂

    • Susan Spooner says:

      oh, i always shuffle desks to get the lh desk where i want it. sometimes i have to raid other classrooms..in continuing ed classes in art/photography/poetry i find it is more like 50% of the class is lh.


    i alaways had difficulties to learn knitting as i use the left hand the persons teaching me the right hand .I found images on the web of left handy knitting by using the left hand please add it



  6. Ron Josey says:

    I believe that by being left handed I am one of many of the fortunate minority of people who are born and strive to remain left handed. Don’t forget the animal Kingdom as well where it has been proven that animals are left handed too.
    A few of my annoyances are: pens are always on the right hand side of places like a Cashiers desk,Post Office ETC. The Automated Signature Machines that are used by Couriers, Post Office, ECT, these are very awkward for me as a Lefty to sign my name.
    One obscure advantage to being Left Handed is I always remind my Right Handed golfing buddies that I stand on the right side of the Golf Ball, albeit a round sphere.

  7. Sharon Ritchie says:

    Great pics for lefties!

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