Famous Left Handers on Twitter

If you follow any famous left-handed people on Twitter, wish them a Happy Left handers Day by tweeting with their twitter @name and using the hashtag #lefthandersday.

Maybe something like:

Happy Left Handers Day @justinbieber it is great that we are both
part of the exclusive 10% #lefthandersday

Famous Lefthanders On Twitter

Twitter Name Name and details
@BarackObama Barack Obama
@justinbieber Justin Bieber
@Oprah Oprah Winfrey
@TomCruise Tom Cruise
@SteveForbesCEO Steve Forbes
@TheRealMorganF Morgan Freeman
@ladygaga Lady Gaga
@BillGates Bill Gates
@RealHughJackman Hugh Jackman
@LisaKudrow Lisa Kudrow
@ricky_martin Ricky Martin
@PaulMcCartney Paul McCartney
@PhilCollinsFeed Phil Collins
@justdemi Demi Moore
@TheRobertDeNiro Robert DeNiro
@ashleytisdale Ashley Tisdale, American actress
@ChesterBe Chester Bennington, vocalist Linkin Park
@SrBachchan Amitabh Bachchan

Do you know more? Please add them as comments to this page.  Also, you can Tweet to them using their @twittername and the hashtag #lefthandersday and we will pick them up and add them to our list.


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9 comments on “Famous Left Handers on Twitter
  1. Frank Lira says:

    I am a lefthanded served in the united states of american army as a sergant I had a squad with the first cavalry invietnam 1969 all made it back alive . GOD BLESS AMERICA.Land of The Free.

  2. frank lira says:

    I was born lefthanded

  3. Samuel Hilditch says:

    Ned Kelley – appears to be left handed. There is a statue of him in Glenrowan (or maybe some other town up that way). He is holding his firearm left handed. He is holding a left-handed firearm. I wonder how he managed to get a lefthanded firearm in that year. (whatever year it was?) In 1953 the army made left-handed National Service Trainees use right handed rifles!! Check this before you tell everyone. But I am 99% sure that I am correct about the statue.

  4. Eden says:

    LeftHandersDay Happy Left Handers Day everyone! The most famous left-handed person I know of is the immortal David Bowie, pictured here with his first wife, Angie.

  5. Josephine says:

    @NiallOfficial – Niall Horan

  6. Hammad says:

    Just pointing out something: Tom Cruise seems to write with his right hand, not the left. Same goes for Amitabh Bachchan. His son, however, Abhishek Bachchan IS a lefty.

    So maybe you need to correct some details.

  7. tara says:


    congrats for the lefty day 🙂
    I’m the admin of @left_handed- page on instagram and lots of people join us from different countries.
    Our hashtag is #lh_pic
    You can tag your shots that include your left hand 🙂

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