Left handed children

Left handed childrenLeft-handed children have particular problems in learning basic skills using the wrong tools. These problems are easily overcome with some sensible guidance and use of simple left-handed implements, but they often get neither and end with an unfair reputation as being slow, awkward and clumsy as a result!

Left-handed scissors and cutting

Cutting out simple shapes using scissors can be a real challenge for young left handed children forced to use right handed scissors. Left-handed scissors have the blades reversed so that the child can the cutting line and so that the natural squeezing movement of the left hand pushes the blades together to make them cut rather than pushing them apart so that the card or paper gets stuck sideways inside the blades.

Click the play button on the video below for a full explanation.

(the sound level is a bit low so you may need to turn your volume up a bit)

Writing left-handed

Left-handed writing requires a correct grip and correct paper positioning. If they are made to write like right-handers, but using their left hand, they often end up with a very cramped position and a “hook” wiring style that is painful and slow – not great for exams in later life! As children start to use ink pens, a left-handed nib cut-off in the correct direction is essential if they want to avoid a blotty mess.

Click play on the video below for more information on writing left-handed.

Even simple things like sharing a desk can be made complicated – always put the left-hander on the left-side of the shared desk or there will be clashing elbows and arguments all day.

Mirror writing

Image descriptionLeft-handers sometimes slip naturally into mirror-writing flowing from right to left and perfectly readable to them (or to anyone with a mirror). Famous examples of this were Leonardo da Vinci and Lewis Carroll


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7 comments on “Left handed children
  1. carter says:

    i am a left handed child

  2. Dean says:

    oh thank god im in 6th grade and someone finnaly noticed my issue THANK YOU v v

    • Rick Beato says:

      I have a vested interest in left handed sixth graders for my research please contact me at my phone number

  3. Paul says:

    I’m the only lefty in my family (no real surprise). I actually had a left handed “Hand Writing” book but that was fourth grade or so and all of my books before and after were all “Righties” books. (again no surprise). That has resulted in a “unique” style of writing. My young self devised a way of preventing smudges, not by hook writing, but by picking my hand up and moving it instead of sliding it. If I slide my hand instead of the “pickup, move” style it would get smudged pretty nastily. I am pretty sure I unconsciously figured this one out. Although my printing isn’t the neatest or cleanest it is fair and “unique”. Where this technique (pickup, move) really affects my writing is cursive. I will literally pick my hand up in the middle of a word and continue after I have placed my hand. Clean hand, REALLY terrible cursive. 😛

    I am also fairly sure that being left handed in a right handed world has made me some of an ambidextrous person. That or I just devise “ingenious” solutions ranging from the talented to the weird.
    But I would not trade in my left handedness for anything! Definitely NOT right handedness!!! And it makes me glad to know that there are other people out there who are just as special as I am.

    GO LEFTIES!!!!

    • AH says:

      People used to thing we were evil and witches, slow and unlucky, you know? Also same with the only one in family leftie! (P.S I found out lefties are good at mirror writing.) Cheerio, Fellow Lefties!

  4. Alice says:

    I got all emotional when I watched these videos. There are left-handed products for lefties like me!

    • Linda Hemenway says:

      I could have been a great athlete if my right handed coaches knew anything about teaching left handed athletic skills. When I started teaching PreK and Kinder- I had to teach myself how to do everything right handed. I find it unconscionable that classes were not offered to address this.

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