We have done a huge amount of work over many years to try to improve the ability of teachers to help their left-handed students and in particular to have a segment on the different needs of left-handed children incorporated in the teacher training syllabus.  The articles linked below give some background and more information on this and there are links to various teaching resources we have produced further down this page.

Despite assurances from the Teacher Training Agency over a decade ago and fine things said by government education ministers, it appears that teachers still receive no formal training in the basic essential differences in left-handed writing technique.  Many teachers are completely unaware that 1 in 10 of their students may be struggling unnecessarily with mastering this essential skill, simply because of the hand they write with. The feedback on a recent article on this issue by the Left Handers Club indicated that the majority of primary school teachers are:

  1. Unaware that the issues exist, often assuming the struggling child may have learning difficulties or co-ordination problems
  2. Have no knowledge of the required techniques to assist left-handed writing.

This page is an index to relevant training videos, books, equipment and aids that will help teachers understand the requirement of the left-handed children in their class and give them the skills and tools to actually help them.  We hope teachers will use this information and parents of left-handed children will bring it to their attention.

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General information and survey results

Writing left-handed

Scissors and cutting

If you have any comments or would like to assist us with this work in any way, please add a comment to the relevant information page or use this form to contact Keith at Anything Left Handed

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One comment on “Children
  1. Jean Milstead says:

    I will soon be 88 years old. I was forced to use my right hand when I started elementary school. My father approved. I continue to comb my hair and brush my teeth with my left hand, and I am ambidextrous in many areas. Have any studies been made regarding how detrimental this was for children to be forced to switch handedness.

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