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6 comments on “Link to us
  1. Peter j. Burke says:

    Great organization and idea. Typed with my left index finger!

  2. Jan R. says:

    I noticed you offer a variety of items yet where might I also find some other unusual criteria and also for my left handed nephew? Possibly maybe even some left handed stuffed animal puppets? Other than either; pink colored tigers, purple colored lions, red and blue colored Elephants and Donkeys, and so forth? Yes something unusual which would always catch the right eyes and ears? As well I’m still interested in a very good quality left handed watch too?

  3. zuopiezi means left handed in china

  4. Isabelle Faure says:

    Glad us special people have a special day !

  5. Donghyuk Kim says:

    I’m left-handed South Korea~
    I was wondering which joined the left-handed clubs but is not got nothing to address
    and left-handed certificates !!!!I want to receiveㅠㅠ~please

  6. Thylias Moss says:

    Love being lefthanded, and looking forward to International left-Handers Day (for me, such a day is every day!)

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