Left-handedness test

How left-handed are you?This simple survey will tell you how left-handed you are and give you an overall score you can compare to the thousands of others who have taken the test.

You can see our analysis of the test results so far here.

So go ahead and tick the options for which hand you use for various things and see how you rate overall…

How left handed are you?

We all have our own view of whether we are left-handed or not and, ultimately, that is the the test - if you consider yourself to be left-handed then you are! That said, most people are mixed in their handedness and it is rare for people to do everything with just one hand or side of their body. Our test below will show which side you use for various tasks and how consistent you are in the use of your hands. It will also give you give you an overall score out of 100 for your level of left-handedness and you can see how you compare to other people. To get the overall score, we have weighted the various factors so, for example, writing left-handed gets a far higher weighting in the overall score than which way you hold a bat two-handed (see this page for more information on how we did this).

  • Use of left hand

  • Other body parts

  • Left and right arm positions

  • Actions

  • After you click the Submit button, you will see your level of left-handedness rating and your overall score. Click the link that is displayed to see the overall results from the survey so far.



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642 comments on “Left-handedness test
  1. Avee Tsofa- Holmes says:

    I’ve always known that I was nearly 100% left handed. I even start walking with my left foot which is an important question you did NOT ask.

  2. Rakshitha Sheshagiri says:

    I am totally left handed

  3. David aparicio castrejon says:

    I was born on August 13 and I am a seriously left-handed I am actually pretty good a sport’s ever since I found out that I was born on national left-handed day I feel like a I have a purpose in life I don’t know if it means anything but I feel pretty special I actually feel like not everything is a waste in my life am sure I will be someone in life I hope one day alot of people get to know my story.
    A big hug to all my fellow left-handed people don’t forget that we are here for a reason don’t stop chasing your dreams 🥊

  4. Jatinder Kumar says:

    Being a left handed I feel special

  5. Jan Fullwood says:

    I wish you had asked how we lefties hold our paper when we write. I started out writing upside down because my third-grade teacher turned everyone’s paper that way. We had cartridge pens and I had to buy left-hand nibs. Eventually I learned to write straight up and down, which I still do. Drew quite a crowd in Japan and China! I am third generation lefty – my father wrote in crab fashion as did my grandmother.

  6. Steven Ingllima says:

    I consider myself left handed, but right armed. Accordingly, tasks that involve fine motor skills fall to my left hand. Tasks that involve major arm movement are right arm favored. Accordingly I thrown and kick righty. I’m left eyed and left eared, so playing pool and shooting a rifle I’m lefty. My brother an I are identical in this same division of left/right split dominance. Just thought it would be useful to add to the insights here.

  7. Alan E Burkitt says:

    I am nearly 90 years old. I can only remember two left handers older than me, but I see a lot of them now. This was because they frowned on lefties years ago and made them change to right. Being a leftie, I notice a lot of them on TV and in real life.

  8. Mary Ellen Donovan says:

    I think that many “lefty’s “ end up using their right hands out of necessity to function in the “real” world. For example, I eat right handed because my parents forced me to eat right handed (they didn’t care about anything else I did left handed, but I use the knife in my left hand when cutting). I learned to use scissors in my right hand because it’s too difficult to quickly locate left handed scissors when not at home. I turn pages right handed because it is more efficient.
    I hold the phone in my right hand to take note with my left.
    I think a good question for your survey would be…Which hand do you use for a computer mouse? For efficiency I learned to use the mouse in my right hand because then I can use any person’s computer station…this also enables me to use the mouse with my right hand and take written notes with my left hand.

  9. Gill Lawson says:

    Note that it is more practical to hold the phone in your right to be able to dial and write notes with your left.

  10. Muhammed Ali Ali Hussein Jaber says:

    Thank you to all

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