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Left-Handers Discovery Set

Find out more about some of our most popular left-handed products in this short video:

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Left Handed Compliment

A left-handed compliment is a criticism couched as a compliment, a compliment with two meanings, one of which is unflattering to the receiver.  It is also known as a backhanded compliment.


  • You are very competent for someone so inexperienced.
  • That dress is really sharp.

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Left Handers Day video

This is a video we made in 2014 of some of our favourite Left Handers Day images set to the Lefty’s Lament song

Please post links to any good images you find for Left handers Day as comments and we will produce a new video of them all to share.

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The town of Left Hand, West Virginia, USA

Even though all the residents of this small town are “Left Handers”, disappointingly  they do not have any special plans for celebrating Left Handers Day

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Terms for left-handed people

Interesting article in the Oxford Dictionaries Blog on terms for left-handers:

  • Sinister

    Used to refer to something of, on, or towards the left-hand side of the body (and is Latin for left). It also gave rise to the rather uncomplimentary adjective sinistrous: left-handed,

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