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Left Handers ClubThe Left-Handers Club was formed in 1990 aiming to keep members in touch with developments, make their views known to manufacturers and others, provide a help & advice line, to promote research into left-handedness and development of new left-handed items.

Since its formation the Club has gone from strength to strength with members all over the world and is highly regarded as the foremost pressure group and advice centre on all aspects of left-handedness.

The Club is completely free to join and members receive:

  • Our monthly newsletter with reports on the latest research, practical issues, products and successes by famous left-handers
  • Membership certificate
  • Backwards calendar
  • Early access to new left-handed products and regular member discounts

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5 comments on “Join The Club
  1. mia cohen korn says:

    . .when people talk to me, I see it in a continuous pictorial mode, in color – incredibly memory/sensitive – it is a righty world with implements, appliances, etc.

    any leftie clubs in Boston please?

  2. Janet says:

    does MICROSOFT WORD have a left handed check mark key ? if yes, kindly provide details of how to make it, find it or a link to send MICROSOFT a request to create one. Thank you

  3. StephenM says:

    Fascinating website. I had no idea that this much information was out there about left handers. I knew that some famous people were lefties but no idea so many today and in history.
    It is true, some everyday common task can be a challenge because we are lefties. We are often “forced” unconsciously to become and practice rightie, only to be labeled slow or awkward.

  4. Gbenga Adegboyega says:

    Left handed but right minded…Proud to be

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