Posters and Graphics

We have produced a range of posters and signs for you to use at home, work or any event you are organising and also some graphics that are great for sharing on Facebook or Twitter. We are happy for you to download them all free of charge and we would be very interested to hear of any activities you undertake to raise awareness on The Day.

Have a look at our page of ideas on how to celebrate and create a Lefty Zone

If you prefer to download all the files at once, use this zipfile

Profile Pics

On August 13th (or even before) why not change your profile picture on Facebook or Twitter to one of our special ones for Left-Handers’ Day? To use the pictures, click on them to get the full image and then right click on them to save it to your computer. You can then use it with Twitter or Facebook.

lefty proud-lefty left-handers-day

Posters to download and print

Our posters are A4 (similar to US Letter) size Adobe PDF files for you to print on your colour or black and white printer. If you have larger format print available that should work fine too.

To print the Left-Handers Day posters click on the images below ( or you prefer to download all the files at once, use this zipfile). You will need Acrobat Reader in order to open and print the poster files. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click here to download it first (free).

Left Handed Zone Poster PreviewKeep Left and Carry On Poster PreviewLeft Handed and Proud Poster PreviewIn Their Right Minds Poster Preview

Graphics for sharing

We have also created smaller size image files for each that are ideal for sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Click on the images below to download the sharing images (940 x 788 pixels).

A Left-Handed Thing

I'm always right

Left Handed Definition

Keep Left and Carry On

Left Handed and Proud

Only Left-Handers are in their right minds

Left Handed Zone

If you prefer to download all the files at once, use this zipfile

Don’t forget you will need the free Adobe Reader software to open the poster files and if you download the Zip file with all the posters in it you will need an Unzip program to open it. You may already have this so just double-click the file once you have downloaded it to see if it opens and shows you a list of the posters to be extracted.

Have fun spreading the word by displaying and sharing our Left Handers Day posters and graphics.

9 comments on “Posters and Graphics
  1. Martin Baird says:

    Am I the only one that gets annoyed when a waitress place a cup in front of you and deliberately turns the handle to the right. An assumption that everyone is right handed. What makes things worse, they are trained to do this……

  2. I am a survivor of the 50’s & 60′ left handed persona when it was very odd a curse and disability to be left handed. Yes I said curse!

    As ludicrous as this sounds, my parents were in the belief that I was born cursed because I was left handed and they were bound and determined to rid our family of this curse by teaching me to be right handed.

    Yes for the first 7 years of my life my father and mother would tie my left hand to the belt loop on the back of my pants and force me, yes I said force me to use my right hand for everything, which of course made life very difficult!

    However the final outcome, I won and they were forced to live with my curse/disability, that goes without saying that though I seemed to be somewhat accident prone, I was extremely gifted in many other areas.

    In baseball I was able to switch hit, throw and catch both left and right handed, and yes as many other left handed people will testify or have proven, I was/am very artistic, vocally inept, many consider me a gifted writer so I do write that is. But probably the gift of being left handed is having the ability to be more passionate than our right handed brothers and sisters!

    That’s my short story and I’d love to hear from you!

    Best regards,

    Edward Thomas Rieth

  3. andrew gaturi says:

    Am leftie and i really like it coz am unipue.

  4. Thylias Moss says:

    Love these posters; have already posted them on my Fb page! –thaank you for the posters!

  5. Jim Story says:

    Happy Left-Handed day to all of you lucky lefties. Just remember that one of these days us 11% will rule the world. When that happens lets see how righties make out using all left-handed tools and utensils. Pay-backs are hell… Left handed forever….

  6. Virginia Greeley says:

    I started to take the quiz on handedness, but became frustrated. I HAVE to use my right eye because my left eye had to be removed! Ialso HAVE to use my right ear because of my pacemaker. I used to use my left ear all the time.

  7. tanya says:

    I am left-handed and at times its rather difficult , but I think its my blessing because I am a clever person.

  8. Dephrose Mnyasa says:

    I love those posters! And yes, it’s a left-handed thing, the right-handed ones wouldn’t understand no matter how hard we try to make them understand!!

  9. Richard Lindelof says:

    Great posters and I will use a Lefty Profile picture on Lefties
    day. I find it funny though that the instructions say “right click to save”. Being a lefty, I have my computer set up so I “left click to save”. It’s easy to do. Just another way to change the Righty World to my way of thinking!

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