Create your own Lefty Zone

Left Handed Zone Poster PreviewThe idea of Left-Handers Day is of everyone to celebrate in fun, practical ways, making right handed family members / friends / colleagues realise how “dextrous” (right-handed term, hmm…..) we have to be because we are constantly adapting a right-handed world to work for a left-hander.

Getting right handers to do everything left-handed for the day is a great way to make the point!

Create you own Lefty Zone

Firstly, download the free posters and graphics we have available on this site

All the posters are A4 size (210 x 297mm, 8in x 12in)- and you can download all of them or just the ones you want. Make sure you get the “Lefty Zone” one and declare an area (or all!) of your home or workplace a designated area where everyone must do all tasks left-handed for the day.

The kitchen would be a particularly good example. Children, get mum, dad and any other righties to do all daily tasks using their normal equipment, but with their left hand e.g.:

  • Stir food in pans
  • Fill & pour kettle
  • Pour from milk/measuring jugs
  • Open tins
  • Peel vegetables/fruit
  • Open wine bottles
  • Use microwave/hob controls (often positioned on right of the equipment)
  • Wash up (draining board is often wrong side if you are holding the brush in other hand, so you have to pass wet dishes across your body to drain.
  • Using spatulas (angled ones go the wrong way for left hand use)
  • Cutting bread (wonky slices using right handed knife in left hand)
  • Eating & drinking – reverse cutlery and have drink in left hand
  • Cutting – using right-handed scissors in left hand is an excellent example of totally right-biased design that doesn’t work well.
  • Ironing with board & iron reversed – adults & older children only !
  • Using scissors can be an activity for any room in the house, as it works well.
  • etc., etc,.

** Please remember any children taking part in the above activities must be supervised by an adult at all times. **

In the playroom/study,

  • Again using stationery/craft items like scissors
  • Drawing a measured line with a ruler
  • Having the computer mouse on the left of the keyboard and try drawing a shape on screen, or clicking and dragging – we usually have to do this with our right hand as the mouse is shared, and always set up for right-handed users
  • Use the computer keypad to enter lots of numbers – using wrong hand
  • Draw or write in ring binder / spiral bound notepad with left hand – binding hurts wrist
  • Using fountain/ink pen or just felts and colour in with left hand – smudged work and ink on side of hand as it follows the work
  • If you have left handed guitar, give lessons to the right-handers.
  • Practice recorder or other instruments with hands reversed (top and bottom)

Take part in the quizzes and games on www’ and find out what makes us lefties so special!

In the garden/sports club

  • Either informal or organised gamed of left-footed football, or netball shooting with the left hand only. Works for most sports and your teams must all play left-handed (not just the lefties). Referee could penalise anyone not shooting/leading with their left, and may need a few “spotters” to keep watch!
  • Try cartwheeling leading with left foot and arm
  • Hopping through hoops, or playing hopscotch on left foot
  • Hoopla or skittles using left hand

Sometimes we have members who organise displays of left-handed equipment at local fetes, libraries or shopping centres.

On holiday

If you will be relaxing by the pool on your summer holiday, make Left-Handers Day an excuse for a fun game – left-handed volleyball on the beach, or left-hand only drinking at the bar – with forfeits for the losers and possibly a left-handed corkscrew for the winner!


We hope this provides some inspiration and please have a good look around this website for more information and ideas. View the free posters and graphics we have available on this site

5 comments on “Create your own Lefty Zone
  1. Sebastian says:

    I am the only left hander in my family…..this is going to be fun! Especially as I’m the youngest!

  2. Emma Cox says:

    this is so great! I got a left handers calender from Barnes and Nobles for christmas and it pointed me to this site.

  3. Kaylee says:

    What if you’re naturally ambidextrous? I have to say, making everyone doing everything lefty was funny…. Especially when I could do it both hands so its easy for me…. He he :)

  4. Keira Knight says:

    I’m the only left hander in my family and It’s going to be funny when my family is going to use their LEFT hand all day! Especially when they eat. Heehee..

  5. sikelelwa says:

    #ProudlyLeftHanded I have been laughing the whole day made my classmates do everything using their left hands it was really fun

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