The town of Left Hand, West Virginia, USA

Even though all the residents of this small town are “Left Handers”, disappointingly  they do not have any special plans for celebrating Left Handers Day

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2 comments on “The town of Left Hand, West Virginia, USA
  1. Mark Kerr says:

    It’s kinda funny,I do almost everything left handed and even kick a ball of any kind left footed but I throw all balls right handed and hold a tennis racket right handed, I guess I’m just different!!!

  2. Roy says:

    Since, according to current research (2023), only 10-12
    % of Earthlings are lefties, it’s an interesting phenomenon that *all* the citizens of this West Virginia town are left-handed. I wonder if any scientists have posited hypotheses about the etiology of this deviation from the primary rule (s) of statistics.

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