Left-handed test results

How left-handed are you?If you haven’t completed the left-handed test yet, you can use this link to go to the survey form (it contains 12 Left/Right questions and will only take you a minute to complete).

This page gives our analysis of the surveys completed so far. By 27 May 2015 34,271 people had completed the survey and they declared their handedness as:

Do you consider yourself to be left or right handed?
Left 25,317 74%
Right 3,127 9%
Both 5,398 16%
Not answered 433 1%
Total 34,271 100%

Of the people that consider themselves to be left-handed this is the percentage that answered each question “Left”:

Question % Left
Writing hand
(we assume that the other 3% of people who consider themselves left-handed but said they write right-handed were forced to change their writing hand when they were young and have not changed it back)
Cutting with scissors
(a lot of people mentioned that they use scissors right-handed because that was all that used to be available and they have never changed)
Holding a bat (one handed) 78%
Eating with a spoon 94%
Holding a toothbrush  92%
Brushing hair  89%
Eye (using a telescope)  74%
Ear (using a telephone)
(some people mentioned that they hold the phone to their right ear to leave their left hand free for taking notes.  LHC’s Keith just gets in a tangle, holding the phone to his left ear with his right hand so he can still write with his left!)
Foot (kicking a ball)  64%
Folding arms, which is on top  68%
Clapping, which hand is on top  81%
Clasping hands behind back, which hand is doing the holding  77%
Throwing a ball  77%
Turning the pages of a book  74%
Using a bat or club two-handed (hand on bottom)
(this question cause a lot of confusion with people thinking about “bottom” differently if they were holding the bat or club down, e.g. cricket or golf, or up for e.g. baseball.  What we meant was the hand on the bottom being the one nearest the hitting end of the bat. If this is your left, you will be facing to your right looking over your right shoulder to see the ball coming)

The percentage of people who consider themselves left-handed who were graded at each of our levels were:

 Grading % of total
Seriously Left-Handed (>90% score) 46%
Mainly left-handed (60-90% score)  44%
Left but mixed-handed (40-60% score)  7%
Probably a Right-Hander! (0-40%)  3%

The overall average score for people who consider themselves left-handed was 83%

And the number of people who scored 100% was 3,710 (15% of all the left-handers)

Of the 5,398 people who consider themselves “Both handed”, 60% use their left hand to write, 30% to cut with scissors and 67% used a phone on their left ear. Their overall weighted score was 55%.

Please add your own comments or interpretations as comments at the bottom of this page.

If you haven’t completed the left-handed test yourself yet, you can use this link to go to the survey form

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173 comments on “Left-handed test results
  1. Ruth Simmons says:

    I always considered myself to be very left-handed – I scored 86% because I fold my arms with the right one on top and use my right eye to look through a telescope (my vision is poorer in my left and I can’t close my right eye easily! When I fold my legs my left one is in front and when I clasp my hands my right thumb is on top – does this have a bearing? The only thing I can do right-handed is knit, because my mother taught me and she was right-handed!

  2. Bonnie Nelson says:

    Both of my parents were right-handed so I learned to do some things right-handed like ironing for instance.
    I agree with the other woman who said that when you talk on the phone, you use your right ear so you can write things down with your left!
    In grade school I didn’t want to be singled out as the only 1 to bat left-handed, so I learned right-handed. Never was any good at hitting the ball after that.
    When I text on my phone I use my left hand. Can’t do it any other way!

  3. Richard Lindelof says:

    Even my computer mouse is set up left-handed. I get a kick out of righties trying to use it. They get so frustrated trying to use it.

  4. Liz Pearce says:

    I agree with the comments above about the telephone. I pick up the phone with my left hand but I put right hand in the questionnaire because I have to transfer it if I want to write. If I had got the mark for that one I would have been very close to being seriously left handed – as it was I got 85%.

    What about musical instruments? I see left-handed guitar players and am not sure that they are doing themselves justice, because it is every bit as tricky to place your fingers on the correct frets as it is to pick strings. I have also seen left-handed flute players (one backs Mark Knopfler nowadays)and I can’t help wondering at what stage he decided to play left handed, as there aren’t many left-handed flutes around and I suspect they would be pretty expensive. The only instrument that I think I would find it easier to play left-handed is the violin, because I would prefer to hold the bow in my left hand.

  5. James Davison says:

    In common with others my score was dragged down to 90% because I have a lazy left eye which means I have to use the right eye with a telescope and can’t use binoculars. (By the way when are they going to make a camera with the shutter button and zoom lever on the left rather than always on the right?)

  6. Jeri Cruz says:

    I only received one red x, and it was what hand do you hold scissors in which is in my right hand simply because when I was in school (too many years ago) schools did not offer anything left handed as a matter of fact they considered me a trouble maker for using my left hand they said I did it to get attention (what idiots). So I have never owned or used a pair of left handed scissors, which is probably why I can Not cut a straight line. Thanks for the test & I am planning to challenge all my right handed friends and family on Facebook to use only their left hand for the entire day of the 13th!

  7. andy leighton says:

    Well, I came out as 90% – otherwise known as left handed.
    My son however came out at 34% (right handed) despite being functionally ambidextrous and not settling on which hand to hold a pencil in till his second year at school.

  8. Dickon says:

    Interesting for the test to describe me as highly left handed as I do some tasks not listed entirely right handed. I pick fruit with my right hand into a container held in my left. Equally I use a computer mouse with my right hand.

  9. Daz Steeley says:

    I like this test (I am 84% lefty). One of the quibbles about folding arms also applies to me as moving left arm into position first then right on top (I agree its by default). I also put phone in right hand to right ear so writing with left hand is easier otherwise I can’t see what I am writing. Hair, well don’t have any but did brush left handed at the time. Ticked yes to receive emails but already do so.

  10. Zoe Dixey says:

    I don’t think these questions can give a remotely accurate indication of handedness as they do not reflect how adaptable us lefties have to be. I put the phone to my left ear – holding in with my right hand so I can dial and write with my left. This apparently makes me less left-handed! The way you draw a tick, if you use a left handed ruler and how well you cope with a right handed cheque book would be much better questions!

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