Left-handed test results

How left-handed are you?If you haven’t completed the left-handed test yet, you can use this link to go to the survey form (it contains 12 Left/Right questions and will only take you a minute to complete).

This page gives our analysis of the surveys completed so far. By 27 May 2015 34,271 people had completed the survey and they declared their handedness as:

Do you consider yourself to be left or right handed?
Left 25,317 74%
Right 3,127 9%
Both 5,398 16%
Not answered 433 1%
Total 34,271 100%

Of the people that consider themselves to be left-handed this is the percentage that answered each question “Left”:

Question % Left
Writing hand
(we assume that the other 3% of people who consider themselves left-handed but said they write right-handed were forced to change their writing hand when they were young and have not changed it back)
Cutting with scissors
(a lot of people mentioned that they use scissors right-handed because that was all that used to be available and they have never changed)
Holding a bat (one handed) 78%
Eating with a spoon 94%
Holding a toothbrush  92%
Brushing hair  89%
Eye (using a telescope)  74%
Ear (using a telephone)
(some people mentioned that they hold the phone to their right ear to leave their left hand free for taking notes.  LHC’s Keith just gets in a tangle, holding the phone to his left ear with his right hand so he can still write with his left!)
Foot (kicking a ball)  64%
Folding arms, which is on top  68%
Clapping, which hand is on top  81%
Clasping hands behind back, which hand is doing the holding  77%
Throwing a ball  77%
Turning the pages of a book  74%
Using a bat or club two-handed (hand on bottom)
(this question cause a lot of confusion with people thinking about “bottom” differently if they were holding the bat or club down, e.g. cricket or golf, or up for e.g. baseball.  What we meant was the hand on the bottom being the one nearest the hitting end of the bat. If this is your left, you will be facing to your right looking over your right shoulder to see the ball coming)

The percentage of people who consider themselves left-handed who were graded at each of our levels were:

 Grading % of total
Seriously Left-Handed (>90% score) 46%
Mainly left-handed (60-90% score)  44%
Left but mixed-handed (40-60% score)  7%
Probably a Right-Hander! (0-40%)  3%

The overall average score for people who consider themselves left-handed was 83%

And the number of people who scored 100% was 3,710 (15% of all the left-handers)

Of the 5,398 people who consider themselves “Both handed”, 60% use their left hand to write, 30% to cut with scissors and 67% used a phone on their left ear. Their overall weighted score was 55%.

Please add your own comments or interpretations as comments at the bottom of this page.

If you haven’t completed the left-handed test yourself yet, you can use this link to go to the survey form

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173 comments on “Left-handed test results
  1. Sean says:

    I always found it interesting that well meaning righties would tell me to flip the scissors over. No matter how many times you flip them the right blade is on top. It also felt arthritic to hold right handed scissors in my left hand. So now I just cut based on the handedness of my scissors. My personal ones are left handed, and my preference, but right handed ones are not a deal breaker. Also, everything I do right handed is due to environmental factors. 79% lefty

  2. beena rautela says:

    interesting test! I got 95 percent. I JUST REALIZE THAT I AM too much lefty. but it is very true that right hand is also essential for all of us.

  3. Lynn says:

    I am deaf in my left ear which is the only reason I hold my phone in my right hand!

  4. Jim Farnworth says:

    I started school in 1951 and prior to starting my mother went and told them I was to be allowed to use my left hand or she would be back.
    The potato peelers in those days were single sided designed for right handers but my mother managed to get me a left handed one.
    When flicking through magazines or books I always work backwards.

  5. Abdullah says:

    I write with my left hand .. but I do everything else with my right hand.

    may be it’s out of practice as my religion values the right hand more in everything and I grew up in a religious family so I had to use my
    right hand in everything .

    but in general is it common to write with the left hand but do everything else with the right hand?
    and am I then a left-handed or a right-handed?

    and I can’t write with my right hand properly! 😀

    • Alan G says:

      I would bet you are left handed ,Abdullah. To quote someone else ‘handwriting is the most demanding thing we do on a daily basis in terms of concentration and dexterity’. If there is character in the writing strokes of your left hand that your right hand can not match, that might be good evidence that you are left handed.

  6. Faelyn says:

    I got mostly a leftie. I use scissors with my right hand because there weren’t any leftie scissors available when I was a kid, and when I’ve tried now, it feels awkward aha. And I hold the phone with my right hand so I can take notes, basically. Also because I hear better with my right ear.

  7. Alex says:

    A lot of tasks, e.g. eating with a spoon, holding the telephone and kicking a ball, i do with both hands equally and I guess other people do too, it would have been good to be able to have “both hands” as an option for us lefties! I’ve noticed that right handed people usually seem to be less flexible about switching hands than us lefties so I think this would be a good difference to explore in a future quiz. Great idea and look forward to further quizzes!

  8. Kimberly says:

    I am left handed but, as most people have said, I learn to do things by watching and mimicking people. I bowl right handed and can use a mouse with either hand (due to injuring my right wrist). I think it would be a good idea to give the option of both hands for some of the questions, because I don’t have a dominate hand that I brush my hair with. I actually do a lot of things with both hands. I hold the phone and mouse in my right hand mainly so I can continue to eat or take notes with my left hand. I had someone tell me that my backwards checkmark is not in the alphabet!!! I laughed hard at that one!!!

  9. Natalie says:

    I am 40-50% mixed. I write and eat with left hand. I throw abal and catch a ball with my right hand. So, when playing base ball, I would catch the ball with with my right hand, remove the glove with my left hand tuck it under my left hand pit and throw it with my right hand. It worked for me

  10. Christine says:

    Sad! I consider myself a Lefty but came up as 38%. I started my childhood using my left hand for everything (utensils, writing), but I was definitely taught and socialized to use my right hand for everything (including writing — but I switched back). I throw with my right, though; I’m not sure if that was taught due to my involvement in sports or not. Kind of disappointed with my results…

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