Left-handedness test

How left-handed are you?This simple survey will tell you how left-handed you are and give you an overall score you can compare to the thousands of others who have taken the test.

You can see our analysis of the test results so far here.

So go ahead and tick the options for which hand you use for various things and see how you rate overall…

How left handed are you?

We all have our own view of whether we are left-handed or not and, ultimately, that is the the test - if you consider yourself to be left-handed then you are! That said, most people are mixed in their handedness and it is rare for people to do everything with just one hand or side of their body. Our test below will show which side you use for various tasks and how consistent you are in the use of your hands. It will also give you give you an overall score out of 100 for your level of left-handedness and you can see how you compare to other people. To get the overall score, we have weighted the various factors so, for example, writing left-handed gets a far higher weighting in the overall score than which way you hold a bat two-handed (see this page for more information on how we did this).
  • Use of left hand

  • Other body parts

  • Left and right arm positions

  • Actions

  • After you click the Submit button, you will see your level of left-handedness rating and your overall score. Click the link that is displayed to see the overall results from the survey so far.



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481 comments on “Left-handedness test
  1. Linda Bode says:

    The result is about what I thought it would be. My folks always made remarks about the way I used my hands scared them to death whenever I cut anything – always with my left hand. I love being able to use both hands the way I do.

  2. Jessie Lock says:

    When i first started school in 1971,1972, i remember being yelled at for writing with my left hand. I was forced to write using my right hand. For quite some time.made feel i wasnt normal even.
    I eat with either hands,swapping cutlery without thinking about it. Feels same.either iether. I just play some sport righthand. 60/90 according to your test. Love my quirks.😊

  3. Laura Herendeen says:

    83% – mainly left handed. I never had left handed scissors growing up, so had to learn how to use right handed ones. Also, I’m blind in my left eye, and I hear better out of my right ear, so I have to use the right side ones. Other then that, I’m a total lefty!!

  4. deborah Degrussa says:

    I have always been left and right handed but do sewing and ticks the left handed way as in I tick from top of the tick to the bottom and with sewing I sew from sew as if I was left handed.right to left even cross stitch I do with my right hand but

  5. Bern Ratajczak says:

    I am the only one in the family of 7 that is a true leftie

  6. Dennis Buckley says:

    It would be great if the survey displayed a left-handed tick/checkmark for each lefty response 🙂

  7. Nigel Fawcett says:

    My score would probably be higher than 95%, but as I am somewhat deaf in my left ear, I have to use my right. One of my daughters is left handed.

    At school, they were quite liberal for the time in that I was allowed to write left-handed so long as it was neat.

    I used to visit the left-handed shop regularly in 70s as I worked nearby.

  8. Maureen says:

    I disagree with which ear lefties use when talking on the phone. I use my right ear, and hold the phone with my right hand. Therefore, my left hand can be used to write things down or doodle while I talk.

  9. Ellen Wenck-Hampton says:

    Back in the days(1950s) of elementary school a fair amount of us ” lefties” were discouraged from using our left hand to write etc.School desks were designed to support the right elbow when writing.

  10. Tamsin says:

    I got 95%, Wow! I always knew I was left handed for a lot of things but I never knew it was this dominant.

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