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We are very interested to know more about which hand left-handers use for various activities, how left-handedness runs in families and how left-handers lives are affected by their hand preference. Please complete this short survey form to tell us about you and your family and we will keep updating our results and the conclusions we draw from them.

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We would be interested in any comments you may have about the survey or our interpretation of the results.

Complete the survey


About you First name
email address

About your family – please put “L” or “R” in the boxes to show the handedness of your family members, leave those that don’t apply blank

YOU and siblings
Your children
Grandfather 1
Child 1
Grandmother 1
Brother / sister 1
Child 2
Grandfather 2
Brother / sister 2
Child 3
Grandmother 2
Brother / sister 3
Child 4

Which hand do you use for the following tasks?

Writing and drawing
Cutting with scissors
Brushing / combing your hair
Holding a toothbrush
Using a knife to cut, without a fork
Using a knife with a fork (knife hand)
Using a spoon (on its own)
Throwing a ball
Holding a racquet (e.g. tennis, squash)
Unscrewing the lid from a jar (lid hand)
Kicking a ball (kicking foot)
Holding a golf club, cricket or baseball bat
(left hand on top, facing to left side = right-handed!)
Looking with one eye (e.g. telescope)
Listening with one ear (cupping to hear more clearly)


We would like to know a bit more about what effect being left-handed has on your life, but if you are short on time you can skip this bit and submit the form with the information you have already completed and get back to the rest of the site (scroll down to submit)
Age Sex Country

For the following questions, you can check the appropriate items and add some more notes in the boxes on the right hand side if you wish

Notes and additional info.
Do you consider yourself to be more or less intelligent than average? More

Do you consider yourself to be more or less creative than average? (art and music, generating ideas) More

Do you consider yourself to be more or less awkward or clumsy than average? More

Did you experience any difficulties at school related to being left-handed? YesNo
Types (ctrl click all that apply)
If you had difficulties, did you receive any help from teachers or others? YesNo
Have you ever been discouraged from using your left hand for anything? YesNo
Have you ever used any specialist left-handed implements? YesNo
Ctrl click all that apply
What was / is your favourite subject at school / college?
What is your occupation?
What are your main hobbies or interests?
Are there any ways in which being left-handed particularly helps or hinders you?
Anything else you think is important?

Thank you
very much for your time in completing our survey and I am sure that the analysis of your and other left-handers responses will be very interesting and tell us a bit more about ourselves. We will be updating our analysis of the survey results on a regular basis and you can see it under the survey section of this website. We will also update club members with any significant results through our regular newsletters.

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42 comments on “Left handed survey
  1. Patricia says:

    When my right handed daughter in law cooks in my kitchen she can’t find things. I told her think right and then go left.
    There are so many things that left handed people just adjust to.
    The twist ties on bread and things are done right handed. I always have the think about how to open them. One day I am going to change them on the bread in the Supermarket. Let a right handed person go a little nuts. (HA HA). When I was learning how to crochet the person teaching me examined my work and said it is all wrong. It’s backwards. I said of course, I’m left handed. We had a good laugh.
    Knitting and crochet patterns are written right handed. I developed a technique to switch it to left handed as I was reading it. If I thought about it I couldn’t do. I just did it automatically. Now there is left handed patterns. I can’t use them because I switch them to right handed. Isn’t that weird.
    Do you know that left handed boxers tend to win more fights. The angle in which they punch causes more damage.

  2. Ian says:

    Best to be left!

  3. Foster Gunners says:

    100% Left-Handed Southpaw.

  4. Wyatt Guners says:

    I’m 100% Southpaw.

  5. Shane Gunnars says:

    Being a Southpaw is awesome. My whole family and friends are Left-Handed.

  6. Kimberly Harris says:

    When I have to do anything right handed my left hand tries to help the right. Like a guide. I can hardly do anything right handed.

  7. Glenn Nolan says:

    My granddaughter is Left handed Like me and i just Love Having one Like Me

  8. Emily murray says:

    I love this survey it help me a lot and I love being left handed it so much fun to be left handed

  9. Tommy says:

    I’m a South Paw. I have broken my left arm three times–and STILL can’t do anything with my right hand… (my right hand is pretty much there for decoration/holing up my watch.

  10. Alexandra says:

    Thank you for considering left handers. I so glad I found this website because my grandson is lefty also and he struggles with note books like I still do. I wish there was left handers wallets.

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