Left Handed Peelers

The best motion for peeling vegetables is to move the peeler towards the body. This is not possible with a right-handed peeler held in the left hand as the cutting edge is facing the wrong way. For this reason, many left-handers have developed a technique for peeling vegetables moving the peeler away from the body, and have the scraped knuckles to prove it! Our peelers are either fully left-handed or double-edged so they can be used in either direction

To see our full range of left handed peelers see: https://anythinglefthanded.co.uk/peelers

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   T28 Set

The “essential” equipment for a safe and easy left-handed life and to show your friends and family what is different about left-handed products. Fully left-handed versions of our most popular products.

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Set includes:

  • Left handed general purpose scissors with fully reversed blades so you can see your cutting line and get a clean cut (code 819)
  • Left handed tin opener with geared rotary action, hold in your right and turn with your left (code 94K) – colour may be different to the one shown on the image of the set
  • Victorinox Peeler (code 331)
  • Pocket waiter’s corkscrew with anti-clockwise screw (code 863)
  • 2-hole left handed pencil sharpener with case, hold the sharpener in your right hand and turn the pencil in a natural direction with your left -colour may be different to the one shown on the image of the set (code 790)
  • Stabilo Easy Graph pencils left handed, set of 2 (code 857)
  • Clear plastic left handed ruler 6″ / 15cm ruler scaled from right to left for easy measuring of lines in your natural left-handed direction (code 767)
  • Lefthander’s notepad with the pages glued on the right so you can tear them off easily when writing left-handed, 75 pages A6 size 100mm x 150mm (4 in X 6 in) (code 257)

The products are packed in a good quality zip seal clear bag with an insert giving full product details and makes an ideal present.


Find out how these products are left-handed in our video:

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