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As a Club member you can receive a free certificate and download our unique “backwards” calendar (see below) and we will send you our email newsletters with great information about left-handedness, details of new products and member offers.

Just type in your email address and first name above (please type carefully – about 10% of club joiners mis-type their address and we cannot send their newsletters or contact them). Please Do NOT put “www.” in front of your email address or a full stop or space at the end. Your address should look something like this: or and it will end in a three letter domain (.com, .net, .org) or a two letter country code (.uk, .fr, .ca etc)

Once you click the submit button we will send you a welcome email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, there may have been a problem with the email address that you entered – please return to this joining form and re-apply, checking your email carefully.

Free member certificate, backwards calendar and newsletters

Left-Handers Club membership is completely free and as a Club member you will receive a free certificate (which you can insert your own name in before printing) and our unique “backwards” calendar.


Our newsletters cover a wide range of topics to do with being left-handed including:

  • Latest research and reports on left-handedness
  • Our own surveys and anlysis
  • Latest product information and explanations of left-handed items plus member discounts and offers
  • Highlighting the things left-handers do differently
  • Picking up on language, customs and myths about left-handers

We try our best to entertain members as well as providing useful and interesting information and resources.

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159 comments on “Join the Left Handers Club
  1. Linda Conrad says:

    Hello. Thank you for this club. I am a left or ambidextrous black female. I am not sure how many there are. Do you? Also, you have an error on your web page. Analysis is spelled wrong in this sentence: Our own surveys and anlysis

  2. valarie alfaro says:

    i love my lefties! we’re always right 😉

  3. Shrikant Dilip dubey says:

    I am lefty

  4. Umar Tajuddeen Gambo says:

    It’s feel great to be part of a club like this one.
    My appeal to the club is to assist members to achieve their potentials in their education and career, through scholarships, fellowships and job opportunities.

    Thank you

  5. Abhiram. S says:

    I’m proud to be a left hander.

  6. A.Anuththara Asmidu says:

    Good group

  7. Nunu snow says:

    I’m happy being a lefty I finally have someone that understand why I have been writing with my left hand

  8. Davis Sweet says:

    I participated in a handidness study many years ago. Participants were asked to do tasks with their right hand, or their left hand. Tasks such as picking up a spoon or ball, placing pins into holes in a block of wood. I was very surprised to find that I could do equally well with either hand

  9. Faye Kingsley says:


  10. Dael says:

    Glad to join the lefthanders international club: finally someone can understand what I’ve been going through my whole life! 😉

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