LHD Media Mentions 2015

These are articles, features and post we know about relating to our Left Handers Day activities last year.  If you see any more, please add them as comments at the bottom of the page and we will pick them up.

The Telegraph Online

Picture gallery of left-handed products with links back to us

U105FM Radio in Belfast

Keith did a live interview with left-handed presenter Frank Mitchell

Siberia TV, Russia

Lauren did an interview on Skype with TV journalist Ekaterina for a piece they are putting together on Left Handers Day.

CV Library

This employment website did a survey of job applicants to find out about their handedness and how it affected their jobs. The survey, which was conducted amongst over 2,400 UK employees, discovered that 12% of the working population is left-handed, which equates to over 4.5 million staff.  Of those, 1 in 5 (over 852,000 people) face practical problems at work just because they are left-handed.

Other key survey findings revealed:

  • The majority of UK employers (96.7%) don’t ask new employees if they are left-handed
  • Only a quarter of businesses (25.4%) provide left-handed staff with specialist office equipment and stationery
  • 82.4% of employees believe that employers have a duty of care to ensure left-handed staff have adequate tools in the workplace
  • A further 5% of the UK’s working population is ambidextrous, and would like the choice of left or right-handed equipment

This is their full press release as a Word document, and this is the cv-library.co.uk website


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