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We have produced a range of posters and signs for you to use at home, work or any event you are organising. We would love to hear about anything you do to raise awareness on Left Handers Day.

How to Create a Left Handed Zone

Our posters are A4 (similar to US Letter) size Adobe PDF files for you to print on your colour or black and white printer. If you have larger format print available that should work fine too.

To print the Left-Handers Day posters click on the images below ( or you prefer to download all the files at once, use this zipfile). You will need Acrobat Reader in order to open and print the poster files. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click here to download it first (free).

Left Handed Zone Poster Preview

If you prefer to download all the files at once, use this zipfile

Don’t forget you will need the free Adobe Reader software to open the poster files.

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45 comments on “Posters to Print
  1. Art Soriano says:

    Thank you kindly, for these outstanding downloadable images.

  2. Ajay Kumar Dansena says:

    Happy lefthanders’ day

  3. Liz says:

    Looking for activities for left handers day

    • Mrs J Longley says:

      As a lefty i grew up with a lefthanded sister with right-handed parents. My father’s mum was the only other lefty in the family (she was from the generation where they tied their hand behind their back to make them write with the correct hand.
      My stepson is also lefthanded and so my right-handed husband partially adapted to using lefthanded goods well before he had his right sided stroke. It really helped him recover his sense of usefulness of the things he could do around the kitchen, etc.

  4. divine says:

    our class of 35 has 4 lefties and three of them including me are groupmates in the official cleaners for Tuesday. We called our group “the lefty group.”

  5. Bobby Joe Osborne says:

    As a child I was never allowed to help crank the homemade ice cream, my dad said that I would crank it backward and spoil it :0)

  6. Phil Schwartz says:

    Hey, Robert–ever try folding bed linen with your right-handed wife. I’m married to a northpaw, too, and it must be a funny thing to watch us try to coordinate a sheet-folding activity or anything else that involves handed dexterity (hmmm . . . “dexterity” . . . there’s another word with built-in prejudice against us).

    Phil Schwartz

  7. Love the posters.

    I’m still learning things about left-handers. Left-handers thread belts the opposite way from right-handers, so belts with writing on are upside down. Left-handers put their right arm in jackets first, so parents should be aware of this when assisting children to dress.

  8. snoby says:

    hey am Snoby and am proud to be a lefty.Lved those posters and we will be so happy if you produce more left handed product like left handed computer keyboard even in our smart phone.the funny thing about me is I know 6 languages and some times my teachers get irritated because i use to write from next page to previous page example:i will start writing at pg no:100 and my ending page no will be pgno:01 [Romas are the ones who made this world right-handed]am not blaming them it is just a general knowledge

  9. Cindy Phillips says:

    In our family of 7 kids only 2 of us where the chosen ones to be lefties. I am a totally left hander. I am an upholsterer so I use hammers in my left and I have several pairs of left scissors. They are always sharp because others can’t use them cutting things they shouldn’t. I think lefties are creative. We can’t all be lefties because the world isn’t ready to be perfect. I love being a leftie. I took an acrylic painting class and the teacher said she had never successfully taught a leftie. After the first lesson I shattered that record.

  10. Janet Nazer says:

    I’m the only one in my family (parents, two brothers, plus 2 nieces and a nephew) who is left handed. What I hated about being left handed in grade school, is the way the kids’ desks were made; all for right handed kids. None for us lefties. As an adult, one of the things my dad told me, was that I “couldn’t do certain things (like using a hammer to nail boards) because I’m left handed.” Gee thanks, Dad for messing with my mind.
    Janet Nazer

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