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We have produced a range of posters and signs for you to use at home, work or any event you are organising. We would love to hear about anything you do to raise awareness on Left Handers Day.

How to Create a Left Handed Zone

Our posters are A4 (similar to US Letter) size Adobe PDF files for you to print on your colour or black and white printer. If you have larger format print available that should work fine too.

To print the Left-Handers Day posters click on the images below ( or you prefer to download all the files at once, use this zipfile). You will need Acrobat Reader in order to open and print the poster files. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click here to download it first (free).

Left Handed Zone Poster Preview

If you prefer to download all the files at once, use this zipfile

Don’t forget you will need the free Adobe Reader software to open the poster files.

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45 comments on “Posters to Print
  1. Robert Shaffer says:

    I like that I look at life with a slightly different slant than other people. However, this does tend to some misunderstanding or confusion about what I say sometimes. My wife (who is right-handed) will often just hold up her fingers in the shape of a letter “L” to signify that I just made a lefty statement that she may not totally understand. Makes conversation interesting! Do others have this happen? What is the thing about being “vocally inept”? I do not sing well either.

  2. Jennifer (Chapmon) Napier says:

    So very proud to be left handed. I am from the South and daycare was an uncommon thought back when I was a tot. But between moves for reasons demand that a daycare was temporary for me. I was blessed to have an aunt younger than my mother by about 13 yes. She and her class visited the daycare facility and saw my hands being slapped with spoons, rulers and other people. My aunt jerked me away for my protection and glazed the daycare demanding answers to why what they were doing was acceptable. I was stated to be Damaged, ha God Almighty says I think not. Made in my image. Wonder how the people will feel one day if they found Christ a SOUTHPAW? I am a wonderful singer, painter and all around beautiful soul if I do say so myself!

    Go Proudly around lefties.

    To the people on drinks I hate them on the right side too. As well as when the utensils are uncomfortable and laid to the right also. You are not alone

  3. Jay Freeman says:

    Left Handed People lack SIN!!!

  4. Phil Schwartz says:

    I’m so pleased that most of the recent American Presidents have been lefty. The lone exception? George W. Bush–generally recognized as the worst of the bunch.

    One utensil that has always given me trouble is the manual can opener, the kind with the butterfly handle that has to be turned with the right hand. Impossible for us southpaws! Now I have an electric can opener that opens from the top and is relatively easy for me–but very difficult for my wife . . . who is right-handed. Lucky for her, she has me around! Long live the left!

    Phil Schwartz

  5. April says:

    I am right-handed, but my son is a lefty, and I would like to put up a graphic that doesn’t make it seem like I’m left-handed, but that I’m proud and support my son and other left-handed family and friends. I wasn’t able to find one like that last year.

  6. Laura says:

    I find it interesting, that while I am the only left-handed person in my family, I was married to a left-handed man, and now my current boyfriend is also left-handed.

    What are the odds of that happening?

    • Heather says:

      The odds are very high, as creative and clever attracts creative and clever, oh yes and modest! I am a true 100% lefty and married to a lefty, we both survived school, it was extremely hard, but we both stayed lefty, we have 2 lefty children, and our 3rd child uses his non left hand, he was the one who always said why am I always the the odd man out, as he put his cutlery where it was comfortable for him.

  7. Kevin Mitnick says:

    I enjoy being left handed except when using scissors, credit card machines in stores (they assume you sign righty!) and golfing w/o my clubs… You’d think all courses would have one set on hand for loan.. I mean really it’s not like they have to stock 30 bags of clubs for the droves of lefties coming in…
    OH! and I hate being left handed when shopping for leftie items because they are ALWAYS out of stock!

    It’s worth it though because life comes easy to us…

  8. Amreen says:

    Left-handers are the first one choose their seats at the table
    Isn’t that awesome
    I’m the only left-handed person in my family and I’m proud if that

  9. Paul says:

    These posters are going up on my computer wall Aug. Thirteenth (or when I feel like it, my birthday etc.) ONLY LEFTY IN THE HOUSE!!!!! I’m gonna drive everyone else crazy!!! 😀

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