How Will You Celebrate Left Handers Day?

Left Handers Day in London

The easiest way to celebrate Left Handers Day is on Twitter and Facebook.

Your Guide to Twitter and Facebook

You can also turn your home or workplace into a Left Handed Zone.

What is a Left-Handed Zone?

We are very interested in your ideas on ways to celebrate Left Handers Day and all of the good things about being left-handed, as well as ways to show right-handers some of the frustrations and difficulties we face in everyday life because of the way things are designed for the right-handed majority.

If you have any ideas, please add them as comments below and we will put them all together on a page and in a forthcoming newsletter.


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47 comments on “How Will You Celebrate Left Handers Day?
  1. Pallavi says:

    I think left – handed people have strong survival instinct. They are able to cope difficulties with zeal and energy. I realized why I am so clumsy , only after joining this club. And I was surprised to know that since everything in this world is made for right handed person, was the cause of my frustration.

  2. Gordon says:

    Like hundreds of others I was forced to use my right hand at school in the 40’s. As a teenager I found this useful when I played badminton. I had two forehands! which meant I had a much wider area to hit the shuttle and less need to move so much. I enjoyed scouts as well. at least they shook hands with the left hand.

  3. fran says:

    i think they should make a left handers colour, like green or something…. and on left handers day only left handers should wear it!

  4. Maggie Summerfield says:

    Has anyone else noticed that as you walk towards someone in the street, generally you move aside in the same direction, as they are usually right handers, so you end up virtually touching noses! Can be embarrassing!

  5. A says:

    We need corporate sponsors, small businesses, etc to offer discounts or freebies to all left-handers on that day!

  6. Kim says:


    Do other people not likje writing the following letter.s: bdfgq and little k.

  7. cathi easter says:

    Left-handed Day should be during termtime – enabling the promotion of greater awareness of left-handedness amongst children and the extra challenges they face at school.
    It should also, as Jim says, be a paid holiday just for lefties 😀

  8. Barbara Abu-Odeh says:

    I haven’t been looking much..but thought of this when i was sewing. Is there a sewing machine meant for left handers? I am sure my seams would be much straighter when my hand isn’t upside down trying to pull the fabric through

  9. Jason says:

    Do a left handed Billy Idol fist pump and sing the chorus of Rebel Yell (inserting fist pump).

  10. chloe says:

    i think we should have a BIG parade everywhere and all lefties get to be treated like first class citizens

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