How Will You Celebrate Left Handers Day?

Left Handers Day in London

The easiest way to celebrate Left Handers Day is on Twitter and Facebook.

Your Guide to Twitter and Facebook

You can also turn your home or workplace into a Left Handed Zone.

What is a Left-Handed Zone?

We are very interested in your ideas on ways to celebrate Left Handers Day and all of the good things about being left-handed, as well as ways to show right-handers some of the frustrations and difficulties we face in everyday life because of the way things are designed for the right-handed majority.

If you have any ideas, please add them as comments below and we will put them all together on a page and in a forthcoming newsletter.


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47 comments on “How Will You Celebrate Left Handers Day?
  1. carl mcbean says:

    I think that a good idea would be for everyone to use their left hand to greet someone for that day instead of their right hand. Or have your website working in a left-handed way so all the details on on the left of the page not the right!!!

  2. Kathy says:


    Just sayin’

  3. Ken Johnson says:

    Take digital photographs of things that are really difficult to use left handed, like those damn silly milk saucepans. Flip the photographs left to right, then post them with captions like “Properly designed milk saucepan.”

  4. Jim Story says:

    Left-Handed Day should be made a world holiday for Lefties. All Lefties should get the day off with DOUBLE pay for pain and injuries perpetrated on us by self-RIIGHT-eous people in the past. Come to think about it maybe double pay isn’t enough.

    • LOLO LOZA says:

      i suggested at first , that talking of me is that i feel privileged to be a lefthander and i always since i was a kid to have a huge advantage of the rest of the people in school and more in sports also in life ,life has treat me with privileged , We lefthanders are POSITIVE people , so i don t feel that we have to talk of frustrations or disadvantages , that s for the right people . THAT DON T KNOW HOW WE LEFTHAND ARE , AND THAT S WHY WE HAVE THAT ADVANTAGE , we know how the right people are

  5. Clarence says:

    I throw & write left-handed. Always. But – I have some hand writing control with my right hand. I have two vehicles. Both straight stick. Being left handed has no effect on that. I am never conscious about being left handed. Only, rarely. There is something else. Left handed scissors. The cut & trim blades are reversed. I have to use right-handed scissors to cut tiny trims. Can’t be done with a pair of left-handed scissors. Not at all. Our very 1st left handed President was James A. Garfield. He was our 20th President. He was shot in the lower right back with a .32 caliber bullet. Probably died from the unsanitary treatments he was forced to endure. “Rest In Peace, Mr. President.”

  6. Shirley Nagel says:

    I do think we need to emphasize that lefthanders are more sensuous. We are an emotional, sensory, intuitive based group.

    Lefthanders make better lovers. We need a poster on this!!!

    Love is everything possibly the only thing. We all want acceptance and love!

  7. Crystal says:

    Let’s make a right handers challenge!

  8. Dave Perry says:

    We should film our right handed loved ones and friends: brushing their teeth, opening jars, throwing freebies, opening doors, putting on their jackets,etc. All with their left hand.

  9. Denise Gehring says:

    I would like to see this advertised a few days earlier, so we can start celebrating first thing in the morning. Last year, I didn’t know about it until mid day. Also, I might ask my right-handed friends to try doing something really basic (brush their teeth? write with a pen?) with their left hand that day.

  10. Chris sims says:

    Well I don’t know what other left handers will be doing but I will be celebrating my birthday which is cool because it gives me two things to celebrate.

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