Graphics to Share

We have created images that are ideal for sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Click on the images below to download the full-size images.

If you prefer to download all the files at once, use this zipfile

We have also created a Pinterest Board of all the images here:

We have also produced some square images to use as profile pictures – scroll down or
click this link to see the profile images.

I may be Left Handed But I'm Always Right

I'm Left Handed, What's Your SuperPower?

Left Handers Day

Bill Gates Left Handed

Obama Left Handed

Live Life Left

Life Life Left

Embrace Your Smudge

Spot The Difference Scissors

Spot The Difference Knives

Spot The Difference Peelers

Spot The Difference Rulers

A Left-Handed Thing

I'm always right

Left Handed Definition

Keep Left and Carry On

Left Handed and Proud

Only Left-Handers are in their right minds

Left Handed Zone

If you prefer to download all the files at once, use this zipfile

Profile Pics

On August 13th (or even before) why not change your profile picture on Facebook or Twitter to one of our special ones for Left-Handers’ Day? To use the pictures, click on them to get the full image and then right click on them to save it to your computer (or, if you are on a phone or tablet, tap and hold the image until you see a menu of choices). You can then use it with Twitter or Facebook.

Left Handers Day Profile Pic  super-lefty-profile-pic life-life-left-pink life-life-left-blue

Posters To Print (A4 zize)

Use this link to see our A4 posters (or they are included in the zip file of all our graphics)

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78 comments on “Graphics to Share
  1. Rita says:

    Hola soy de Chile y zurda igual que mis hijos (2hombres)

  2. Piper Jon says:

    I got to CHOOSE the gift of being a Leftie. I was ambidextrous when I was very young, wrote with both hands on the page. Parents were told I had to be one or the other, and strongly urged (read: tried to force me to be) right handed. I had other plans and thought being left handed would be cool and different. I won the war when my parents went to school and told the teacher to stop slapping my hand and tying my left hand behind my back. Lo and behold, it IS cool and different!

  3. David Olobo says:

    Lefties are Great thinkers bicoz they use their right brain to think!

  4. David Olobo says:

    As a lefthander, I didn’t know much about myself! It’s today when I got to know the reason why I am so skilful in using left hand! I will always remind my fellows to be thankful for being left handed

  5. Valerie Harper Delapena says:

    I’m Glad God gave the gift of being left-handed.

  6. Valerie Harper says:

    Hi I’m Left Handed from Georgia

  7. Vonita Osborn says:

    I am Proud to be left-handed and this is my birthday, August 13, 2021. What a wonderful day to celebrate both!!

  8. Suzanne DeKeyzer James says:

    I’m a leftie and proud! But I do use my right hand for some tasks, I mouse with my right, I put mascara on the left side with left hand and use my right hand for the right side. I put my contact lenses in with my right hand because a person who was right handed showed my what to do as I faced her… so with my right hand I put my left lens in then put the right one in! LOL! So I’ve adapted as best I can in a right-handed world.

  9. Sanjeev Kolisetty says:

    Proud to be one among very less people in the world.

  10. Marsha Thrower says:

    I’m grateful that being special is finally being recognized. Thank you for publicizing it. My man & I are BOTH LEFT – HANDED!

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