Left Handers Day

Left-Handers Day History

On 13th August 1992 the Club launched International Left-Handers Day, an annual event when left-handers everywhere can celebrate their sinistrality and increase public awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed. This event is now celebrated worldwide, and in the U.K. alone there have been more than 20 regional events to mark the day in recent years – including left-v-right sports matches, a left-handed tea party, pubs using left-handed corkscrews where patrons drank and played pub games with the left hand only, and nationwide “Lefty Zones” where left-handers creativity, adaptability and sporting prowess were celebrated, whilst right-handers were encouraged to try out everyday left-handed objects to see just how awkward it can feel using the wrong equipment!

These events have contributed more than anything else to the general awareness of the difficulties and frustrations left-handers experience in everyday life, and have successfully led to improved product design and greater consideration of our needs by the right-handed majority – although there is still a long way to go!!

The Left-Handers Club

Left Handers ClubThe Left-Handers Club was formed in 1990 aiming to keep members in touch with developments, make their views known to manufacturers and others, provide a help & advice line, to promote research into left-handedness and development of new left-handed items.Since its formation the Club has gone from strength to strength with members all over the world and is highly regarded as the foremost pressure group and advice centre on all aspects of left-handedness.


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27 comments on “Left Handers Day
  1. Amina says:

    Fascinating. Easier to write in urdu and arabic two of the languages I am studying

  2. Amina says:

    Fascinating. Easier to write in urdu and arabic two of the languages I am studying

  3. Adrian Natella says:

    10% of the UK is also GLBT and if you call someone from this group a name its a crime, but you can call a left handed person whatever you like and it’s not a crime.

    Those of us who are totally left handed and are made to suffer in a right handed world, should be given the same rights as any minority group.

  4. Rosy says:

    Its amazing to be left handed and am proud . I hope all other left handed people enjoy this day too..

  5. talktrooper.com says:

    There’s also a more serious side to the day, which spreads awareness about the special needs of left-handed kids.

  6. Lauren A.K.A. Lefty Lauren says:

    Yaaaay! This honestly made my day.. I never really understood left handers day. I am a left hander and I play softball. It is IMPOSSIBLE to find a left handed glove. Let alone one that fits! I sometimes hate being left handed for multiple reasons, but I am proud that I get to be different. GO LEFTIES!

  7. Madeleine says:

    I love being left-handed….certainly more unique! I always recognize when others use their left hand as well! I still remember as a small child the chalk being removed from my left hand and placed in my right…but persistence paid because I continued on my journey of left-handedness. Two of my three children share my gift as well.

    • Adrian Natella says:

      I was left handed in a catholic school taught by Nun’s, I remember having my left hand tied to a chair and being told it was the sign of the devil!

  8. John D. Gubernat says:

    Growing up left-handed in a right-handed world has made me stronger. At age 7, I began accordion lessons, which I continued for 10 years. As you know, the PianoAccoedion keys which are identical to those on the piano, are played with the right hand. As a result, my right hand dexterity is actually BETTER than my left. However, I remain strongly left-handed. Further, having to dial a telephone, deal with door knob placement, scissors and the myriad other things in this right-handed world of ours, has resulted in my being nearly ambidextrous. I am better off for it! Also, curiously, although 10% of the population is left-handed, 20% of Hollywood actors are left-handed.

  9. Craig Weas says:

    Left handers rule! We finally have our day! Go out there and
    celebrate 08/13/2014 tell the world left handers are all
    right minded Let your voice be heard.

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