Lefty brain teasers

Because their brains are organised differently, left-handers see and think differently and can get some very different results from various “brain tests”, usually doing very well on tests that involve creative thinking or unraveling complex images and manipulating 3D images. Here’s a famous test of creativity – have a look at the image below:

left brain test

A non-creative right handed brain sees only a hodgepodge of disconnected shapes, but the left-handed brain can go beyond logic and find the connecting concept that makes sense of the shapes. If you can’t “see” beyond the shapes, it’s because your right-handed brain is trying to solve the problem and won’t let your left-handed brain have a go. If you still can’t see the picture, the answer is at the bottom of this page **

Thurston’s hand test

The left-handed brain’s mastery of the visual has an important benefit – it can “see” three dimensionally. In Thurston’s hand test, you are asked to identify which pictures are of left hands and which are of right hands. Your right-handed brain is at a loss to handle this problem, but your left-handed brain can actually rotate these drawings in imaginary space to solve the test – have a go!

Image description

Kanizsas triangle

Here’s another example showing how your left-handed brain can even create things that don’t exist. If you can see the white triangle – the one with its apex pointing up – it’s because your left-handed brain has created that triangle to unify what is otherwise simply a collection of angles and PacMan shapes. There is, in fact, no white triangle there.

Image description


** The picture in the first brainteaser is of a dog drinking from a stream, with its head in the middle of the picture facing down to the water and its tail off to the right.

2 comments on “Lefty brain teasers
  1. David Paasch says:

    My wife and I are both left handed, and our mothers were both left-handed. When we had our first kids, we had identicial twin boys and when they could write, one was left handed and one right handed. We asked the doctor about that and he said that is another thing about identicial twins. When they face each other, their writing hand is on the same side. When they married and had kids, the left handed had right handed kids, and the right handed had left handed kids.
    We have a fun plaque, “Everyone is born left handed, and become right handed when they commit their first sin. We remind everyone, we are still left handed. ha, ha.Our daughter who is right handed married a left handed guy and both their kids are left handed. She says she is the only right one in her family. ha
    Dave Paasch

  2. Itzel Richarte says:

    I really liked the 1st teaser, the dog drinking from the water. I’m wondering: I once was given the image of a forest but the 1st thing I saw was the monkeys hidden in the trees. Do
    U know abut this image? Would you share it or advise where I can find it? Thank you in advance.

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