Left-handedness test

How left-handed are you?This simple survey will tell you how left-handed you are and give you an overall score you can compare to the thousands of others who have taken the test.

You can see our analysis of the test results so far here.

So go ahead and tick the options for which hand you use for various things and see how you rate overall…

How left handed are you?

We all have our own view of whether we are left-handed or not and, ultimately, that is the the test - if you consider yourself to be left-handed then you are! That said, most people are mixed in their handedness and it is rare for people to do everything with just one hand or side of their body. Our test below will show which side you use for various tasks and how consistent you are in the use of your hands. It will also give you give you an overall score out of 100 for your level of left-handedness and you can see how you compare to other people. To get the overall score, we have weighted the various factors so, for example, writing left-handed gets a far higher weighting in the overall score than which way you hold a bat two-handed (see this page for more information on how we did this).
  • Use of left hand

  • Other body parts

  • Left and right arm positions

  • Actions

  • After you click the Submit button, you will see your level of left-handedness rating and your overall score. Click the link that is displayed to see the overall results from the survey so far.



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322 comments on “Left-handedness test
  1. Alan says:

    My score was 79% putting me into the 60-90%,left handed dominant.
    While I consider myself to be both left and right in varying degrees.
    The most unusual operation is when I cut with scissors it is predominantly with my right hand. However when I trim my beard in the mirror I have to use my left hand to successfully carryout the exercise, there is no way I can do it right handed.

    Always be mindful of the fact- lefties get it right.

  2. Amy says:

    This takes into account mostly fine motor skills (which I understand are the most difficult). However, there are several sports I do left-handed, even though I write righty. I couldn’t skateboard pushing with my right leg, for example, to save my life – even though my son, who is a lefty, does. I can’t balance on my right leg (standing still) and I’m completely left-handed in gymnastics, which I did for years. I know that these are more gross motor skills, but still…

  3. Tessa says:

    My score was only 29%, even though I have always considered myself left handed :’). I do a lot with my right hand, but I’ll always consider myself a lefties haha

  4. shelby says:

    So, I’ve been a right handed person for most of my life. Until the age of 10 I had begun to realize I could equally use both hands. So, wanting to know the real answer I decided to take this test, and guess what? I turned out 60-90% or in other words, mostly left handed. By this i was astonished.

  5. Rebecca says:

    I got 54% WOW I didn’t expect that xD

  6. Heather says:

    I agree with those who write that there should be an either option. I use both hands for a lot of things, switching hands to use whichever is most convenient. Also, it’s weird that you can’t change your answers after clicking.

  7. M. O. says:

    I always thought that I could be ambidextrous, but I also always thought that your hand dominance was based on what hand you used to write with.
    I took the test, and I finished with 52% left dominant but mostly mixed.
    I write with my left hand, golf right-handed, bat both left and right, throw left, kick right, brush teeth left, legally blind in my left eye so I see 20/20 with my right, draw and paint with both hands simultaneously, cut food with my right, use a spoon with my left, and I think that covers enough!

  8. Andrew says:

    This isn’t a bad test, but when conducting some of the tests, it’s only giving choices for right and left handed… it doesn’t assume someone uses both hands for any given activity. I know that I brush my hair and brush my teeth with both hands. Also, I normally write with my right hand, but when I was really young, my dominant writing hand was my left hand. Despite this, I’m apparently 18% left-handed, aka “Probably a Right-Hander”. I was expecting to score around 40%, but what do I know? I personally think I was born as a leftie, but I was trained into a right-handed society, and now I’ve succeeded in becoming cross-dominant and ambidextrous in many activities that I partake in.

  9. what'smyname says:

    “Which hand do you use to turn the pages of a book”, weeeeeeeell… Since I’m reading from left to right, I have to turn the pages from right to left, naturally using the right hand nearer to the bottom of the last page I’m reading. When I’m reading mangas, for instance, I read them from right to left (opposite way), using then my left hand. Because naturally closer from the bottom corner of the last page I’m reading. Or more likely, I’ll hold the rest of the pages, bend them and let one turn itself. Therefore I don’t think this question is relevant, probably. Also, never hold a bat in my entire life but figure I would do as said If I ever would.

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