Left-handedness test

How left-handed are you?This simple survey will tell you how left-handed you are and give you an overall score you can compare to the thousands of others who have taken the test.

You can see our analysis of the test results so far here.

So go ahead and tick the options for which hand you use for various things and see how you rate overall…

How left handed are you?

We all have our own view of whether we are left-handed or not and, ultimately, that is the the test - if you consider yourself to be left-handed then you are! That said, most people are mixed in their handedness and it is rare for people to do everything with just one hand or side of their body. Our test below will show which side you use for various tasks and how consistent you are in the use of your hands. It will also give you give you an overall score out of 100 for your level of left-handedness and you can see how you compare to other people. To get the overall score, we have weighted the various factors so, for example, writing left-handed gets a far higher weighting in the overall score than which way you hold a bat two-handed (see this page for more information on how we did this).
  • Use of left hand

  • Other body parts

  • Left and right arm positions

  • Actions

  • After you click the Submit button, you will see your level of left-handedness rating and your overall score. Click the link that is displayed to see the overall results from the survey so far.



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458 comments on “Left-handedness test
  1. Kris Rono says:

    I came up as 70% left-handed, but I believe it is actually higher. This test doesn’t take into account that many of us have learned to adapt. I automatically use scissors with my right hand (for example) because left ones are nearly impossible to find in my small town.

  2. Andrew says:

    I’m 95% right handed, but I Box in a left handed stance. I don’t really understand why but southpaw feels so much more natural.

  3. Nico Lincoln says:

    I thoughtI was a righty my entire life, but when I took this test, it said I was 53% lefty! Which actually explains a lot because whenever I do the little every day things with my left, it feels normal. I’m gad to be 50/50

  4. Scott Stewart says:

    Chris Cortle, you (and I) are “cross-dominant.” Per Wikipedia, “Cross-dominance, also known as mixed-handedness, mixed dominance, or increased hand efficiency, is a motor skill manifestation where a person favors one hand for some tasks and the other hand for others. For example, a cross-dominant person might write with the left hand but throw primarily with the right.”

    You and I are exactly opposite. I perform gross motor skill tasks (batting; throwing) right-handed, but fine motor skill tasks (writing; using computer mouse) left-handed.

    • Shannon E Garrett says:

      Cool! Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been cross dominant my whole life but never had a name for it. I bat, throw and kick lefty. I’m left eye dominant and am a lefty when it comes to archery and target shooting also. I guess those would be the gross motor skills? Writing, cutting with scissors, and eating I’m right handed, but I cut meat lefty. I can eat easily lefty though.

      For the longest time my dad kept trying to get me to target shoot righty which is near impossible when you’re left eye dominant. I finally got him to give up, lol, once he saw my aim was indeed better lefty.

      I kind of like the cross dominance thing because it makes me unique.

  5. Hans says:

    as for Bats (seldom use) I tend to hold them similar to how I would a hockey stick. With my right hand nearest to the blade (so called Right). You might also consider how we hold guitars or rifles in your test. Read Paul McCartney or Jimi Hendrix. I hold a guitar as they do/did.

    Lefthandely yours


  6. Mike McKittrick says:

    I am a true leftie. The only thing I do right handed is cut with scissors (because they are right handed by design). I kick left footed, wear a watch on my right arm and tie my shoe laces via the ‘bunny ears’ method.

  7. Joe Cullen says:

    one of the most annoying thing about being left handed and left ear dominate is in using a phone and trying to write at the same time. i’m constantly going “what?” or “repeat that please”.

  8. Pam Pruett says:

    I got 100% left handed. I do three things right handed and they are:

    using a computer mouse
    batting (baseball bat)

    Just to add: I am just as comfortable writing from right to left as I am left to right. There, of course, is no use for this, but I had such fun as a young girl doing this and “fascinating” (lol) my friends. I would then hold the paper up to the mirror and the words were readable.

    Late happy Left Handers Day to all the “lefties” out there. I have always loved being left handed.

  9. Cathy Henderson says:

    Just did your left handed test. While I find it interesting it does not give enough choices. It should be
    Left Right Either
    In addition no consideration has been given rhe left hander living in a right handers world and how and why we condition ourselves to do many things as a right hander to accomodate the majority of the population.
    I write with my left
    Cut with my right
    And everything else depends on the surroundings such as eating sports etc

  10. Amy C. says:

    I’m with Janet – I’m much more left handed than the results of my test would let on (60-90% mainly left-handed).

    * I confound anyone who works on my computer at the office because my mouse is set up for lefties.
    * I once broke 3 hand drills in a row at another job because the instructor who was showing us how to use them neglected to factor in that I was left-handed (basically, turned for my left hand, I was turning the crank backwards and breaking off the handle). Finally, he gave me a power drill!
    * Clasp my hands together – my left thumb is on top, too.
    * Toilet paper, check.
    * I wear my watch on my right arm,
    * put my makeup on with my left hand,
    * definitely do my eyeliner with my left hand,
    * put my contacts in with my left hand,
    * the few times I played tennis, I played left-handed.
    * Once, a friend and I beat another couple of friends at pool because we challenged them to play left-handed. They didn’t notice that we’re both lefties, so even though it was my first time to play pool, we won!

    There were only two things on the test that I do with my right hand – use scissors (the only left-handed scissors I ever tried were the useless ones they gave us as children – they wouldn’t cut a thing!) and throw a ball. I think I actually throw the ball with either hand – but there wasn’t a choice for that.

    My brother and I are the only two in our family on both sides who were left-handed. Although after my dad’s mother had a stroke, she told me that she pitched left-handed and batted left-handed (none of knew that she had gone to college on a softball scholarship, but there you go!). So it must have come from her. We were lucky to have parents who embraced our lefty-ness!

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