Left-Handers Day Posters

We have produced a range of posters and signs for you to use at home, work or any event you are organising. We are happy for you to download them all free of charge and we would be very interested to hear of any activities you undertake to raise awareness on The Day.

Have a look at our page of ideas on how to celebrate and create a Lefty Zone

Index to the posters you can download

To print the Left-Handers Day posters that we have prepared for your event, use the links below. You will have to run Acrobat Reader in order to open and print the files.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click here to download it first (free).

To open the poster click on the file name, or alternatively click the right mouse button and choose "save target as" to download and save the file to your computer.




LeftyZone.pdf NO RIGHT HAND warning sign, stating "use of right hand strictly prohibited in this area !"

8 Kb
awkward.pdf Cartoons of many common difficult situations we encounter
33 Kb
minds .pdf
Brain with slogan "as the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body - then only left-handers are in their right minds!"

233 Kb
brainorg.pdf Diagram of the tasks your right and left brain perform
45 Kb
Some trick images that we all use our "left hand" brain to solve.
293 Kb
DaVinciman.pdf You may be more left-handed than you think! Some games and experiments for visitors to test their dominant eye, ear, foot etc! Right-handers may be left-footed and vice versa!

298 Kb
Long banner for centre of your display - needs 6 x A4 pages which you will join together once printed.
293 Kb
factsastro.pdf Loads of fascinating facts with cartoon picture
24 Kb
factswim.pdf More funny and fascinating fact with pictures
22 Kb
factswood.pdf Last fascinating facts poster, with picture
21 Kb
lefthanders.pdf Eye-catching call telling all lefthanders to come and visit your display, and why!
82 Kb
mirrorwriting.pdf Two A4 pages to join together, with examples of genuine mirror written letters, perfect but backwards! Have a small mirror on your stand so people can read them perfectly in the mirror.

723 Kb
monalisa.pdf Examples of "trick" images in famous paintings, that the "left-hand" brain tries to make sense of.
695 Kb
namescalled.pdf Some of the weird and wonderful nicknames left-handers have acquired in different parts of England over the centuries. Some sound rather rude!!
22 Kb
righthanders.pdf Eye-catching call for right-handers to come and try left-handed items, and see how they cope!
67 Kb
Thurstontest.pdf Game to rotate images. Use your "left brain" to work out which hand is in the picture.
13 Kb
triangletest.pdf Another example of your "left-brain" making sense of a trick image, by filling in what doesn't exist!

6 Kb
all_posters.zip if you prefer to download all the files at once, use this zip file
4.6 Mb

Don't forget you will need the free Adobe Reader software to open the poster files and if you download the Zip file with all the posters in it you will need an Unzip program to open it. You may already have this so just double-click the file once you have downloaded it to see if it opens and shows you a list of the posters to be extracted.

If not, you can get some free unzip software here - 7 Zip - just download the .exe file then run it and open the saved zip file of the posters and you should be able to access them.