Greetings from around the world

We always get hundreds of emails and messages on Left handers Day from our friends around the world and we thought we would share a few to give you a flavour…

  • Finally. At least I’m not the only one who remembers Left Handers Day.
    Happy Left Handers Day to you too! :)
    Johann, Phillipines
  • Happy to you, happy to all left hands friends.
    Thanks for your emails in year.
    Homam, Iran
  • Thank you so much I’m really proud to be left handed
    Karen, South Africa
  • So happy to be in! Greetings from Italy! :D
    Emilia, Italy
  • Thanks for creating the group, it brings us together. Happy left handed people’s day
    Vincent, Kenya
  • Hi all, nice to meet you all. I am from Malaysia. Before this some of my friends n relatives is tease me and make fun on me…because i am lefty….but now i am proud to be lefty after get know about this club….. Wow…i get so many friends…..really happy. To be lefthanded is a unique gift just for certain people like us all……Love u all…..<3
    Mig, Malaysia
  • Thank you so much. .I really appreciate and I’m glad I belong to Left Handers Club. Best Wishes from Philippines-:) Marie
  • Happy Left Handers Day!!!! Have a great day.
    Beth, Jacksonville, FL, USA
  • Hey Lauren & Keith!! Thank you SO much! The lefty news letters always makes me feel good* keep up the good work!!
    Leandra, UK
  • Thank you! I had forgotten that was today our amazing day!!! Happy left handers too..
    Regards Ramon, Mexico
  • In Holland we use the hashtag #linkshandigendag
    And the Day is almost over, unfortunately..
    Leander, Holland
  • Thanks very much for your kindness my dear friend. The one of my proudest things in my life is that I am a Left Hander:) Best Wishes, Happy the left hander day to you.
    Hosein, Iran
  • I really appreciate the work you guys are doing and have recommended the club to all my left handed friends. All the best. Aron, Iceland
9 comments on “Greetings from around the world
  1. Kelly says:

    Proud Louisiana Cajun lefty – now in Oregon. Dad was lefty too!

  2. Jay says:

    Best wishes to all my friends who lefthanders
    I m also lefthanders

    Jay Patel

  3. Ida says:

    Happy Lefty Day from Canada! There’s two of us in our family, and we celebrate it every year–even the righties! Have a great day, fellow lefties!

  4. allison says:

    Want to say happy birthday to my son, my favorite southpaw who just happened to be born on left handers day!!

  5. Happy Left Handers Day.
    Feliz Dia do Canhoto.


  6. Sizile Dimba says:

    Its only just getting started in South Africa. Woo Hoo i feel awesome being the Left Handed special one today.

  7. Madhuri says:

    Happy Left Handers Day to all the lefties around the globe…..lets party……….

  8. LuLu says:

    Proud to be a lefty!
    Thank you for the recognition!

  9. Cristiano says:

    Greetings to you all from an Italian working in South Africa. Always proud to be a left-hander

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