Greetings from around the world

We always get hundreds of emails and messages on Left handers Day from our friends around the world and we thought we would share a few to give you a flavour...

Left Handers Day greetings

  • Finally. At least I'm not the only one who remembers Left Handers Day.
    Happy Left Handers Day to you too! :)
    Johann, Phillipines
  • Happy to you, happy to all left hands friends.
    Thanks for your emails in year.
    Homam, Iran
  • Thank you so much I'm really proud to be left handed
    Karen, South Africa
  • So happy to be in! Greetings from Italy! :D
    Emilia, Italy
  • Thanks for creating the group, it brings us together. Happy left handed people's day
    Vincent, Kenya
  • Hi all, nice to meet you all. I am from Malaysia. Before this some of my friends n relatives is tease me and make fun on me…because i am lefty….but now i am proud to be lefty after get know about this club….. Wow…i get so many friends…..really happy. To be lefthanded is a unique gift just for certain people like us all……Love u all…..<3
    Mig, Malaysia
  • Thank you so much. .I really appreciate and I'm glad I belong to Left Handers Club. Best Wishes from Philippines-:) Marie
  • Happy Left Handers Day!!!! Have a great day.
    Beth, Jacksonville, FL, USA
  • Hey Lauren & Keith!! Thank you SO much! The lefty news letters always makes me feel good* keep up the good work!!
    Leandra, UK
  • Thank you! I had forgotten that was today our amazing day!!! Happy left handers too..
    Regards Ramon, Mexico
  • In Holland we use the hashtag #linkshandigendag
    And the Day is almost over, unfortunately..
    Leander, Holland
  • Thanks very much for your kindness my dear friend. The one of my proudest things in my life is that I am a Left Hander:) Best Wishes, Happy the left hander day to you.
    Hosein, Iran
  • I really appreciate the work you guys are doing and have recommended the club to all my left handed friends. All the best. Aron, Iceland